Working principle of Full automatic lime hydration plant for 98%

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How to Select a lime hydration plant 
When it comes to powders and bulk solids, there are very few that a lime hydration plant can’t hydrate. This versatile and highly scalable mixing device – available from half a cu ft to over 1000 cu ft – is used extensively across many industries for hydrating dry powders, granules, pellets, flakes, and other solid forms. From spice hydrates, drink mixes, and multivitamins to cosmetic powders, polymer hydrates, chemical additives, fertilizers, and ceramic powders, just to name a few, the range of products that can be batched in a lime hydration plant  is wide and varied.
When ingredients are similar in size, shape, or density, mixing is straightforward and fast. A 1-cu-ft batch usually takes just two to three minutes to complete, while cycle time for an 18-cu-ft batch would normally be 8 to 10 minutes. At 100 cu ft, a 20- to 25-minute blend time is quite typical.
The lime hydration plant  can also “coat” solid particles with a minor component that is either a very fine powder or a liquid. In fact, its use extends to general purpose slurry or paste mixing, preparing solid-liquid suspensions, as well as vacuum drying. Examples of wet applications include cake batter, guacamole, soups, sauces, pet food, pharmaceutical granulations, joint compounds, and plaster slurries.
How Does a lime hydration plant  Work?
The lime hydration plant  mixes free-flowing raw materials within a U-shaped trough. A horizontal lime hydration plant  consisting of precisely pitched inner and outer lime hydration plant moves materials in a well-balanced axial and radial flow pattern. High-quality lime hydration plant  feature tightly controlled clearances between the trough surfaces and agitator tips. Good design and expert fabrication ensure fast repeatable mixing, easy clean-up, low maintenance, and long service life.
Due to their popularity and many uses, lime hydration plant today are offered by many vendors big and small. It’s important to choose a well-equipped lime hydration plant suited to your specific application and built by a trusted manufacturer, because quality and performance vary widely from one OEM to another. Off-the-shelf models are a great solution to urgent needs, but it should be noted that customizing the multi-purpose ribbon blender to meet your own process requirements need not drastically add to the capital cost and lead time. The key is to define your objectives in detail so you can confidently select a blender that is neither under-specified nor over-engineered. Here are five questions that need careful consideration.
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