WLDH series model horizontal stainless steel double ribbon blender

WLDH series model horizontal stainless steel double ribbon blender

Introduction of Product:

Product Description

1. The small animal feed mixer mixing time is short (60-120s), the degree of homogeneity is high( cv= 5%).

2. Full length discharging door and quick discharging, low residue. 3. No deviation for long time mixing, many kinds of liquid addition available.

4. Chain driving, rigidity design ensures operation without trouble for long time.

5. Compact structure, beautiful shape, low noise,no dust and environmental protection.

6. The small animal feed mixer is used for industries such as premix, feed mill ,chemicals and pharmacy.

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Overview of horizontal screw ribbon mixer machine :

1.Screw mixer transmission shaft assignment of double helical blade, the internal spiral conveying material from right to left, the external spiral will transport materials from left to right, inner and outer spiral work staggered rotary agitation. Under the convective movement of the double layer spiral belt, the material forms a mixed environment with high efficiency and low power.

2.The installation in the stirring shaft of the inner and outer diameter of the screw drives the barrel body material, make the blender in the barrel body have a maximum range of turning materials. Stirring device for a spiral drive near the axis of the material to make the axis of rotation, driven from right to left axial, external screw drive near the barrel wall material to make the axis of rotation, push from left to right axial and the mixed material can be evenly mixed in a relatively short period of time.

3.Overturning trough the material way: after mixing, stirring was stopped, turned the handle control, the maximum angle of groove to rotate flip, powder material flowing out into the container loading (user owned), with unloading speed, no residual advantages.

Parameter model specification :


Application :


WLDH horizontal ribbon mixer is used for application to, power and power; granule and granule; powder and a few liquid mixing; it is widely used in food, chemical industry, pharmaceutics, feed stuff, plastic, building material and so on; Customizing according to client’s specific requirement, it can be from 304,316L,321 and carbon steel etc. it can be according to GMP standard, too.


Horizontal ribbon mixer, ribbon blender, mixing machine ribbon mixer used for blending,stirring and disperser with its standard mixing paddle in food,pharmacy and chemical industry.  


1. Driver advantages of standard products using direct drive gear reducer, torque, high reliability, low noise. Large equipment used gear reducer Gapi belt transmission, transmission components can be protected in the event of unforeseen circumstances.
2. Flexible removable ribbon spindle drive shaft flange connection, in need of repair or replacement agitator shaft type can be quickly removed. Flexible design allows disassembly U-shaped ends of the plate cylinder and fully welded, avoiding large flange connection barrel product material produced by the gap, reducing residues.
3. Cover the bucket type with respect to other types of mixer, horizontal ribbon cartridge cover is more flexible, can be made fully open, half-open, fully enclosed, full clean-up requirements of the occasion adapted with gas spring support, convenient and safe

Ribbon mixer selection methods:

1.To determine the volume of material per batch mixing, in the range of 0.1 to 20 cubic meters, select the corresponding specifications of the equipment.
2.Select the device making materials, Material: material contact parts, do not keep the original material and material contact parts, other equipment components.
(Material according to material properties, working conditions, health and other factors determine the level of conventional carbon steel, 304 / 316L / 321 stainless steel),(After the material is selected according to the requirements determined surface processing requirements)

3.According to the proportion of materials, mobility and other properties, as well as the commencement standard to determine the ability to configure the drive.(Sub-standard start: heavy start, load start)

4.Based on the actual process conditions, adding additional functional components, such as liquid jet, heating / cooling, etc.

5.Ask for the design of the equipment, such as the charging port, cleaning port, vent, etc.

6.Select the material mode and drive mode sub-manual, pneumatic, electric
Important: equipment selection is the more important part, should provide detailed information on the material and process as much as possible to arrange for our professionals to provide you with high quality technical services.

Company profile?

Anhui Mingguang Ruisheng Machinery manufacture Co., Ltd. is a high-tech entity enterprise,integrating scientific research, development, production, and sales. Company is specialized in designing, developing, producing, equipment of mixing, stirring, conveying, and packing for powder, liquid, and granular material. Our products are widely used in chemistry , agriculture , medicine , building material  ,food , fertilizer , feeding stuff , cosmetics  and  so  on.
Ruisheng company products are:Ribbon mixer, plough mixer, lacquer mixer,v-type mixer,conical mixer, real stone paint mixer equipment, double shafts paddle mixer,glazed hollow bead mixer, heat preservation mortar production line,dry mortar production line,vitrified hollow beads production line, putty powder mixer machine, dry powder mortar mixer, automatic packaging machine, screw conveyor, weightless mixer and more than 20 varieties.

The products are so popular in more than 30 provinces and cities of China and also exported to other enterprise around the world, sold to America,Singapore,korea,japan,Vietnam,Malaysia Hongkong and so on,which creates rich benefits for worldwide customers.

Under working experience, we developed mixer processing machinery independently. With modern processing method, strict product management, high quality ,and professional service team, Ruisheng is becoming the preferred choice. We will keep researching new technology, solving mixing problems, providing more suitable mixer, promoting upgrades, and creating maximum value for customers.

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