V type mixer,v shape mixer machine,mixing machine

V type mixer,v shape mixer machine,mixing machine

Introduction of Product:

Good dispersion: the equipment totally solves the problems like low uniformity caused by the proportional weight of material and dead space. It adopts the structure stirred by three spirals, dispersing all kinds of short fiber.
Wide usage: it can meet the needs to produce dry mix mortar of different performance requirement
Small investment: it bears advantage like the low price, small investment and apparent effectiveness.
Easy and convenient usage: the machine occupies small area, easy operation, and low energy consumption producing 5-8 t per hour.
Long life: the easy injured part of the equipment adopts components of high strength wear-resistant steel which guarantee its useful life.

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V shape mixer is used to produce a gentle and fluid mixture, moving equal portions of particles by gravitational force. It is suitable for mixing solids in short periods of time. Their design and finishing allow an easy unload and cleaning.

V type high efficiency mixer:


The machine material is 304 stainless steel, the speed can be equipped with frequency conversion, easy to agglomerate of the material can be equipped with forced stirring system, feeding on the optional vacuum feeding machine. Can also be customized according to your request non-standard mixer.

Main purpose:

This machine is mainly used in the pharmacy, chemical engineering, electronic, food and such industries.mix powder, granular materials and other materials equally.

Structure features:

This machine mainly consists of a mix of material tube, frame, driving system, electrical system components, it uses two asymmetric cylinders,  mixed gravity, material in the barrel constant accumulation, we dispersed, general after 15 minutes mixing time, two or more to powder and granular materials are fully mixed evenly, especially for two or more than two kinds of material proportion, disparity in large mixed, uniformly mixed degree of over 99%, mixed internal and external wall of the cylinder body through precision polishing processing, smooth surface, smooth, no dead angle, easy to clean. Transmission system in the process of is no noise, easy maintenance, electrical control, accurate, sensitive, stainless steel butterfly valve release, no leakage, no dust flying. This machine is unique in design, beautiful in appearance and wide in use, and it is an ideal equipment for mixing materials.

Technical parameters:




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