TWIN SHAFT PADDLE MIXER for making animal feed | carbon steel mixer&stainless steel mixer

TWIN SHAFT PADDLE MIXER for making animal feed | carbon steel mixer&stainless steel mixer

Introduction of Product:

1. best mixing homogenity
2. shortest mixing time
3. high mixing efficiency
4. double drive unit
5. total volume: 0.3-30cbm
6. batch working capacity: 0.1-15cbm
7. batch output: 0.1-20tons
8. mixing time: 2-10mins
9. driven- power:3kw-150kw
10. material: 316L, 321, 304, mild steel

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General Introduction:
1. Double shaft paddle mixer is with two horizontal paddle shafts.
2. With the driven equipment, two cross paddle shafts move intersection and patho-occlusion. 
3. Driven equipment makes paddle rotating fast, the rotating paddle generates centrifugal force during high speed rotation, spilling the material to the upper part in the barrel, then material falling down (the vertex of material is in a so-called instant non-gravity state).
4. Driven by the blades, the material is mixed back and forth. Also sheared and separated by the meshing space between the twin shafts, fast and evenly mixed. 
Attractive advantages:
Non-dust workshop
Siemens motor, Imported NSK bearing
National patent
Wide application
Stable operation and low noise
Reasonable price and on-time delivery
Working principles
In the horizontal twin U shaped container, there are two opposite rotation axes. And certain numbers of paddle stirrers are set up on the each axe at certain angle. When mixing, the horizontal axes make the material move up and down. Rotation at opposition direction of the double axes makes materials exchange from left to right. Paddle stirrers push material at angle 45 to move circularly in the cylinder, and the materials can reach good mixing effect under the movement of staggered agitating blades.
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