10 tons of stainless steel horizontal mixer lacquer,paint mixer machine

10 tons of stainless steel horizontal mixer lacquer,paint mixer machine

Introduction of Product:

Product introduction

Really stone paint mixer, is also known as really stone paint mixing machine. really stone paint is a kind of very thick architectural coatings, is made of synthetic resin emulsion and not the same level color sand particles and a variety of additives, the production process and production process of general architectural coatings is not the same, do not need through high-speed mixing and grinding process, mainly is the process of material mixing, so you can't use normal coating production equipment, should be used for mixing thick slurry blender for production.

Production advantages

really stone paint mixer is really stone paint coating production of special equipment, it has the following features: access to convenient, cover an area of small, high production efficiency, is the first choice of production really stone paint .

really stone paint mixer stucco or render is a very thick quality architectural coatings, in plaster shape, is made of synthetic resin emulsion with different gradations of sand particles and prepared from a variety of additives, and its production process is different from general architectural coatings production process, it can not produced by high-speed stirring or grinding processes, therefore can not use common coating production equipment, it should be used for special designed mixer for thick slurry stucco mortars.

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Company profile:
Anhui Rui Sheng Machinery Company is a machinery manufacturer, quality products, affordable prices, superb technology, scientific management and professional spirit, is committed to provide you with a more reasonable package solution. Equipment involved in building materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other industries. Ordinary, stainless steel powder, liquid, paste and other equipment; Main products: glass beads blenders, thermal insulation equipment, insulation mortar production line, insulation mortar mixers, blenders lacquer, glass beads one-component mixer , dry mortar mixer, dry mortar mixer, screw conveyors, packaging machines and other professional equipment more than 20 varieties of production and development.

Our company is self-management, independent production, have their own factories, the whole production process monitoring, you can rest assured that  our products' quality , production house direct sales, enjoying discount price.

Our purpose: the contract and keep credibility, the user first, equality and mutual benefit, and sincerely hope that more Chinese and foreign customers and our plant.

Lacquer mixer, also known as lacquer mixer is the production of a professional production lacquer coating equipment, lacquer is a very thick thick quality architectural coatings, is made of synthetic resin emulsion with different gradations of sand particles and additives formulated, and its production process and general architectural coatings production process is not the same without going through the high-speed mixing or grinding processes, mainly material mixing process, so you can not use ordinary paint production equipment should be used for stirring thick material.

Working Principles:

After my company's own design and development of a new type of mixer, mechanical seals, floating with inner ring, to leak the results. Run time enables three-dimensional material roll, so that the material quickly and evenly mixed, and effectively remove dead and wall materials, and stirred apply lacquer, textured paint, colorful thick paint and other coatings.

Product features:
Equipment using horizontal installation, small footprint, low investment, easy feeding, stirring effect class, higher benefits.
I plant developed the production of stainless steel horizontal lacquer mixer, multi-ribbon stirring, stir, stirring speed, and solve important issues liner rusty.


model Pipe size engine powder reducer dimensions note
YCL-10 3020*1600*1800 18.5kw 500 4400*1600*2740 electric tipper

On the use of vertical or horizontal mixer Suggestions:
1. The vertical mixer large area, high equipment, feeding, cleaning convenient, stirring may be uneven, but with the specifications of a large mixer with power.
2. The horizontal mixer small footprint, low overall equipment, feeding, easy to clean, using a small motor, a simple energy-saving operation.

Q: Can you send the formula for the products we want to make?

A: Our machines can be used for many kinds of product making, such as Resin, Paint, Adhesive, Cosmetic, Food, Chemicals. There are many kinds of these products, so it's impossible for us to know all the formulas and technologies. We can assist you to find the raw material list you need, and after you place order with us, we can help you to find formula and technology, there will be engineers to teach you how to make the product, and the cost will be on your account.

Q: Do you have machines in stock?

A: Yes, but just the small-scale machines. Machines are different with other products, most of the large-scale machines are designed according to our customers' requirements, different customers have different production requirements, so the technical parameter is different for most machines. On the other hands, most of the our machines will cover a large area, so once the machines are finished, we will effect shipment after QC.

Q: Can you send the detailed drawings of the machine to us before we place order?
A: We can send you a draft drawing of the machines, and after you place order and pay the deposit, our engineer will design the specific technical parameters fo you and send you the detailed drawings. Once you confirm without questions, we will put it into production.

Q: Why does it take at least 20 days to finish the machine?
A: Once receipt the deposit from you, we will design the drawings and make out the list of the materials and accessories for the production. Once the drawings are finished, our workers will start the production, from welding, polishing, assembling, debugging, detection and so on. After finish, they need time to check the machines, if found any possible defect parts, they will return to the production until every part is 100% approved.

Q: Can we pay the balance after we receive the machines and test without problems?
A: It's unnessary to worry about the quality of our machines, we are confident in that. After the machine is finished, we can install and test the machine for you (if you can not come to our factory, we can record a vedio and send to you). Only after you check without problems, we will effect shipment. 

Q: If you price is higher than the suppliers for the products that are not made by you?
A: We can provide the whole production lines, which include many facilities and accessories(like Oil furnace, steam boiler, etc). It's impossible for us to make everyone of them, because we just make the main machines. However, based on our great reputation in the business, and also considering our huge sourcing quantity by collecting the orders from domestic and foreign customers, and our strong cash flow to pay the suppliers in advance. We can get the best offer from the suppliers. So after adding an reasonable profit for the outsourcing facilities and accessories (like Oil furnace, steam boiler, etc), we still can offer a very competitive price similar to our suppliers, or even lower in some case.

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