50 tons of  Lacquer mixer, paint mixer machine

50 tons of Lacquer mixer, paint mixer machine

Introduction of Product:

Product introduction

Really stone paint mixer, is also known as really stone paint mixing machine. really stone paint is a kind of very thick architectural coatings, is made of synthetic resin emulsion and not the same level color sand particles and a variety of additives, the production process and production process of general architectural coatings is not the same, do not need through high-speed mixing and grinding process, mainly is the process of material mixing, so you can't use normal coating production equipment, should be used for mixing thick slurry blender for production.

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model Pipe size engine powder reducer dimensions note
YCL-50 5530*2600*2800 75kw 850 7600*2800*3100 electric tipper

Introduction of vertical Lacquer mixers

horizontal real to paint mixer is also known as vertical lacquer mixer, is a professional production of lacquer coating equipment, lacquer is a very thick qualitative architectural coatings, are formulated with synthetic resin emulsion and different level of sand particles and a variety of additives, its production process and general architectural coatings production process is different, need not be through high speed stirring and grinding processes, mainly material mixing process, therefore you cannot use ordinary paint production equipment ,shall use thick slurry mixer for production.

Food and beverage, dairy products, ice cream, chocolate, milk, fruit juice, jam
Chemical industry:  lubricating oil, grease, disinfectant, insecticide, emulsion, rubber, rubber, resin, thickener, flavor and fragrance, silicone material;
Cosmetics industry:  detergent, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, perfume
Pharmaceutical industry:  injections, drug emulsions, medicine cream, health care products, medicine and paddle preparation
Paper industry: paper pulp, adhesives, injection agent, resin emulsion
Petrochemical Industry: emulsified asphalt, modified asphalt, heavy oil emulsification, diesel emulsification

Can customized according to your requirements

My company has first-class lacquer mixer mechanical design engineer, high-level management personnel, well-trained workforce and excellent mechanical processing and testing equipment. Every equipment and spare parts of production are scientifically designed, carefully crafted and strictly tested.. Advanced technology comes from long-term unremitting efforts, development, innovation and absorption of domestic and foreign advanced experience,

Leading lacquer mixer technology as the foundation, to create a multi domain new lacquer mixer product, multiple varieties of series feed processing complete sets of equipment, breeding and feeding device, excreta disposal equipment, the production scale of the grand, rising sales.
To high quality, reasonable price, excellent after-sales service, products are sold throughout the country.

By paint mixer stirring shaft of high-speed rotation, the internal and external screw in a wide range of flipping material belt, inner spiral belt material movement to both sides, outer spiral belt material from both sides of the inwards, so that the material mixing back and forth, also part of the material in the spiral with the promotion, along the axial and radial movement, thus forming mixed convection, through the movement, material in a short time get rapid and uniform mixing. Horizontal lacquer mixer is based on helical ribbon agitator unique mixing principle and the company's own design and development of a new type mixer, the use of mechanical seals, with floating ring, achieve watertight effect. Operation can make the material for 3D rolling is material quickly and evenly mixed, and effectively remove dead and material wall, lacquer, paint texture, colorful stir the paint thick coating.

Working principals:

The material enables the device run-time three-dimensional roll, the material is uniformly mixed quickly and effectively eliminate dead and wall materials.
High-speed dispersed emulsion machine is suitable for crushing all kinds of liquid as a medium powder group, mixing, homogenizing, dispersing, emulsifying and accelerated dissolution

Lacquer mixer selection

Lacquer mixer depending on the mixing principle is divided into horizontal and vertical mixer lacquer lacquer mixer, according to the different materials can be divided into stainless steel and carbon steel mixer lacquer lacquer mixer, currently popular on the market horizontal lacquer mixers more U-shaped structure (Click here to view: U-type rotary mixer lacquer), is on the market to use more versatile powder mixer improved models, using carbon steel, using a wide range, low cost. The vertical mixer lacquer mostly stainless steel, stirring better, more suitable lacquer stirred characteristic is the development trend of lacquer stirring device, so we recommend vertical stainless steel blender lacquer.


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