15 tons horizontal Lacquer mixer,paint mixer machine,real stone paint mixer

15 tons horizontal Lacquer mixer,paint mixer machine,real stone paint mixer

Introduction of Product:

Product introduction

Really stone paint mixer, is also known as really stone paint mixing machine. really stone paint is a kind of very thick architectural coatings, is made of synthetic resin emulsion and not the same level color sand particles and a variety of additives, the production process and production process of general architectural coatings is not the same, do not need through high-speed mixing and grinding process, mainly is the process of material mixing, so you can't use normal coating production equipment, should be used for mixing thick slurry blender for production.

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Introduction of vertical Lacquer mixers

Horizontal real stone paint mixer is also known as vertical lacquer mixer, is a professional production of lacquer coating equipment, lacquer is a very thick qualitative architectural coatings, are formulated with synthetic resin emulsion and different level of sand particles and a variety of additives, its production process and general architectural coatings production process is different, need not be through high speed stirring and grinding processes, mainly material mixing process, therefore you cannot use ordinary paint production equipment ,shall use thick slurry mixer for production.

Various advantages and features of vertical mixer

Lacquer stirred tank is our factory developed its own design of a new type mixer and the scraping the wall, mixed in one, running can causes the material to three-dimensional tumbling to make the material fast and mix evenly, and eliminate the dead angle and the wall of the material effectively.
Lacquer is a very thick qualitative architectural coatings, are formulated with synthetic resin emulsion and different level of sand particles and a variety of additives.
Need through high-speed stirring, grinding and other processes, mainly material mixing process, therefore you cannot use ordinary paint production equipment, shall use thick slurry mixer for production.


model Pipe size engine powder reducer dimensions note
YCL-15 4030*1810*2010 30kw 500 4600*1800*2810 electric tipper

Working principle
The machine can make the material conduct the three-dimensional roll; make the material quickly and evenly mix, and the effective elimination dead angle and the material hanging wall. The high speed dispersing emulsifying machine is suitable for the crushing, mixing, homogenization, dispersion, emulsification and accelerating dissolution of the powder mass of the medium with liquid as the medium

Food and beverage, dairy products, ice cream, chocolate, milk, fruit juice, jam
Chemical industry:  lubricating oil, grease, disinfectant, insecticide, emulsion, rubber, rubber, resin, thickener, flavor and fragrance, silicone material;
Cosmetics industry:  detergent, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, perfume
Pharmaceutical industry:  injections, drug emulsions, medicine cream, health care products, medicine and paddle preparation
Paper industry: paper pulp, adhesives, injection agent, resin emulsion

Petrochemical Industry: emulsified asphalt, modified asphalt, heavy oil emulsification, diesel emulsification


1. This device implementation boring uniformly mixed. Lacquer City after a very sticky substance coating, in the actual production process if the general lacquer mixer mixing Marketplace difficult to achieve uniform mixing. However, the use of lacquer work equipment is different, it can achieve full-flip mixed materials, and will be mixed corners Strip substance that is difficult to take into account the uniform, thus greatly improving the practical effect of lacquer production.
2. lacquer mixer applicability. When carrying out the corresponding material mix mixer production, not just the mixer to mix, stir, and it can also be achieved with a liquid such as a medium material crushing, emulsifying and other work to provide a more diverse production requirements .

Which payment term can we accept ?

1 Normally we can work on T/T term or L/C.
2 On T/T term , 30% down payment is required in advance,and 70% balance shall be settled before shipment.
3 On L/C term,a 100% irrevocable L/C without soft clauses can be accepted. Please seek the advice from the individual sales manager whom you work with .

Which incoterms 2010 terms can we work?
Ruisheng company is a professional and sophisticated international supplier,can handle all INCOTERMS 2010 terms,and we normally work on EXW, FOB ,CIF

Delivery time
Normally,our delivery time is 45 days after we rececive the deposit. If the order is big ,we need to extend  the delivery time. 

What logistics ways we can work for shipment?
We can ship construction machinery by various transportation tools .
normally, we will go by sea ,to mian continents ,for light spare parts in urgent demand ,we can ship it by international courier service.such as DHL,TNT,UPS or FedEx.

Warranty time
we ensure one year warranty, life-long service and provides technical support free of charge within or after warranty.within the warranty period, we provide repaire service for free. after the warranty period , we only charge cost of the required material

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Anhui Rui Sheng Machinery Company is a machinery manufacturer, quality products, affordable prices, superb technology, scientific management and professional spirit, is committed to provide you with a more reasonable package solution. Equipment involved in building materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other industries. Ordinary, stainless steel powder, liquid, paste and other equipment; Main products: glass beads blenders, thermal insulation equipment, insulation mortar production line, insulation mortar mixers, blenders lacquer, glass beads one-component mixer , dry mortar mixer, dry mortar mixer, screw conveyors, packaging machines and other professional equipment more than 20 varieties of production and development.

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