The screw feeder, it seems that the counterparts cannot complet

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The screw feeder, it seems that the counterparts cannot  complete the height, but we did it!

Recently screw conveyor, the screw feeder and a ribbon mixer production task very nervous
The most important is our company is organizing a technical team ,we have various aspects of personnel ,so we can try our best to serve our customers better, meet their demands .we will keep our own characteristics and level in the fierce competition and stand out . I think a company ,his left hand holding a excellent quality product with right hand holding a strong team , will be successful .
Our company is a rapid developing company , it s a challenge  when we manufacture new product for customer every time ,but we all made it . our customers ‘satisfactory is the greatest encouragement .
The case tracked back 1 month a ago , I received a inquiry from Dong wan,
Every one  Dong wan is a place that many people product screw feeder. I ask him why don't you buy the machine in your place ,its cheap and convenient . The customer told me abou
t the reasons ,he said “it’s indeed cheap and convenient, but its quality make me worry about , the most important is he can not manufacture the product I want, I want a 8m feeding height of  the feeder ,can you  manufacture it ?”  I said “yes , we can .but its costly , it's a little hard you know.”  He said ‘it doesn't matter if the product worth the price.”
In fact ,the height we can manufacture till 16m .because the successful case , many customer ask us for manufacturing  them , we have signed several contract in recently .
We manufacture the product that counterparts cannot finish , we won’t have price war with counterparts, we will be successful for good quality , professional technique and excellent service.


if you are interested in our screw feeder (screw conveyor), please let us know.

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