The fly ash horizontal ribbon screw mixer machine,ribbon blender machinery

The fly ash horizontal ribbon screw mixer machine,ribbon blender machinery

Introduction of Product:


1.Big coefficient of loading
2.small occupied area
3.It is difficult to clean when it is used to mix viscous or adhesive material.
4. adopt the screw conveyor to outtake the material, delivery speed is fast.
5. the way to connect material is flexible, Valve pocket and open
pockets all can use.

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Introduction :

Ribbon mixer is a high and widely uniaxial mixer, a half-open tubular coiled on the spindle of the cylinder body and the volute form a double spiral with a certain proportion. Circling spiral band attachment spindle running, able to push the material with the helical ribbon scroll direction. Center of the bottom horizontal cylinder mixer spout opening, the outer spiral vortex structure with the direction of rotation of the spindle drive away with the inside tube wall material to a central discharge port discharge, the discharge of materials to ensure that the cylinder body no dead ends.Horizontal ribbon mixer is made up of U-shaped body , Spiral mixer blades and Transmission Parts . Spiral ribbon blade is double internal and external structure,The outer spiral make the material from both sides to the central collection,Inner spiral transported material from the center to both sides ,formation of convective mixing.Horizontal ribbon mixer has the good effect for the power which has stickiness or coherence ,and also for adding the Liquid or pasty materials when mixing the power.

Product features:

1.Drive advantage

The standard product uses the belt wheel to drive the cycloid reducer, compared with the big torque of the gear reducer; the elastic of belt drive connection has the advantage in the overload protection transmission part.

2.Flexible disassembly

The screw belt spindle is connected with the drive shaft flange in the cylinder, and can be disassembled quickly when the shaft type is required for maintenance or replacement. The flexible disassembly design makes the U shaped tube and the two ends of the plate completely welded, avoiding the accumulation of the tube body gap, reduce the residual.

3. Open screw belt

The open screw belt is more relative to the continuous screw belt, and the shear movement of the material is bigger, and the material can form more vortex in the flow, and speed the mixing and improve the mixing uniformity.

4.The form of discharge

A form of discharge is general pneumatic (manual) flap valve, arc valve closely embedded in the cylinder, and the inner wall of the cylinder is flush, no material accumulation and mixing dead angle phenomenon, reliable edge seal to ensure in frequent switch no leakage phenomenon.

5.Cooling heating

In the mixing barrel in vicro increased jacket, through pour the jacket into cold and hot medium to achieve the cooling or heating of the material; general cooling pump into the industrial water, heated into steam or electric heating heat transfer oil.

6.Spindle seal

When mixed superfine powder material, the main shaft seal form can increase the air tightness, the effective separation of the cylinder and the gas powder circulation.

Working principles:

With the actuation of the directly linked accelerator, the rotor moves in a fixed direction and , during its movement,the horizontal ribbon mixer pushed the material to move along with the axis and, on the other hand, throw the material to the front upper of the helical ribbon. The helical ribbon on the outside layer makes the material always moving towards the center of the barrel while the one on the inside layer makes the material moving towards two ends from the center, thus two cycled ways of flowing are formed with the material, making it fully mixed in the repeated flowing circulation.


The use and maintenance of ribbon mixer :

? Ribbon mixer should be required direction of rotation of the spindle can not be reversed.
? The ribbon mixer operation can not be greater than 5mm of hard foreign body into the machine, otherwise excluded should be shut down. If it is found in the operation of metal crashing, friction, abnormal sound, should be down to check excluded.
? For solid - liquid mixture should be run after spraying liquid, spray liquid after completion, continue to operate mixing for 3 to 5 minutes.
? A material mixing time is generally about 5 to 8 minutes. Special material mixing time required to determine the user tests.

? Mixed material particle size is 20 to 1400 mesh; spray volume according to the adsorption properties of the material and the user's production process requirements.
?Use should be regularly reducer and bearing lubricant replacement. Reducer lubrication no grades according to specification requirements reducer. Spindle bearings with lithium complex grease.
? Shaft seal packing seal. Oil asbestos sealing material is generally, if the use of a small amount of leakage should be found to tighten infill cover bolts.


Application :


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