Stainless steel horizontal ribbon mixer machine ,screw mixer machine

Stainless steel horizontal ribbon mixer machine ,screw mixer machine

Introduction of Product:

Features  of  mixing machine

1. Horizontal tank body, covers small area
2. Bearing is on both ends of the mixer, the material is not easy to enter, repair rate is low.
3. Gear box drive the auger shaft, simple maintenance ,high efficiency,save both  time and labour.
4. U- Shape tank bottom, easy operate, stir uniformly,  no dead angle, better for material discharge and cleaning.
5. Screw conveyor feeds conveniently, inlet flushes with the ground, feeding saves energy and  convenient.
6. The machine can be designed to cool or heat the powder inside .
7. Under the bottom or the sides  of the tank , there is a flap dome valve (pneumatic control or manual control) of the center. The valve is arc design to make sure no material deposit and no dead angle when mixing .There is a lid and fence on the top of the tank, it seals the tank well, so that no powder will come out during mixing
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This machine is a horizontal mixer,its function is mixing various components of powder and the liquid uniformly,and it has characteristics of a wide applicability ,high degree of homogeneity,less residential material and convenient maintenance,etc .It is an ideal equipment for mixing and processing powdery materials.


WLDH The Horizontal Ribbon Mixer consist of U-Shape tank, spiral and drive parts. The spiral is dual structure. Outer spiral make the material move from the sides to the center of the tank and the inner screw conveyor the material from the center to the sides to get the convective mixing. Our WLDH series Ribbon mixer can mix many kinds material especially for the powder and granular which with stick or cohesion character, or add a little liquid and paste material into powder and granular material. The mixture effect is high. The cover of the tank can be made as open in order to cleaning and change parts easily.


1. mixed with high quality
2.short mixing time
3. smooth mixed processes
4. practical high
5. use and maintenance of low cost
6 .internal clean-up shortcuts

Main Technology Parameter:

Standard configuration:

1. Drive Unit: Cycloid reducer or gear reducer
2. Motor brand: Siemens (made in China)
3. Gear box brand: Chinese Famous brand (Huaxing)
4. Bearings: Chinese Famous brand 
5. Discharging valve: pneumatic flap valve (no dead angle when mixing). 
6. Main Shaft Seal Air-purged seal and stuffing seal for powder material
Mechanical seal for liquid material
7. Voltage and Hz 380V 3Phases 50hz or in accordance with it in the using place
8. Top Cover Could be fully open so as to clean, with safety grid and limit switch to make sure safety operation for workers
9. Normal duty type: start the mixer first and then load the material
10.Packing in pallet or wooden case

Additional configuration:

1. Driven unit: Many worldwide famous brands are for option: SEW, ABB, Siemens and so on
2. Bearings: NSK/TNT and so on 
3. Heating/cooling jacket
4. Spraying system
5. Heavy duty type ( loading your material into the mixer first and then start the mixer)
6. Platform: we build the platform for you or we design it and you build it locally
7. Mixing system: including packing machine, bucket elevator, Sieve, screw conveyor and so.
Customizing according to client’s specific requirement




Major parameters for technology selection:


 1. Powders name and character (mesh and density)

 2. Output per batch

 3. Stainless 304/316L or carbon steel

 4. The electrical enviroment in machine's using place


Mixers need to be customized according to the different cases, the cases are as below:

1. Agglomerated material larger than 5mm is contained in the raw material
2. Bulk density of the raw material bigger than 3kg/l
3. Materials that are easy to get damp and not allowed to be exposed to the atmosphere, the mixer need to be vacuumized or negative pressure
4. Fill compressed air to the mixer barrel, and keep the pressure
5. Material with a large friction coefficient, mixer need to do a special Wear-resistant surface treatment
6. Material is not allowed to contact with the metal surface during mixing process 
7. Mixer need to be heated up to 200 Celsius degree
8. Heavy duty (loading material into mixer before turning on it) is required.




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