screw feeder machine,screw conveyor

screw feeder machine,screw conveyor

Introduction of Product:

1.High-quality steel pipe with good integral rigidity;
2.Once-forming spiral double pitch paddles, which will never block the material;
3.Universal ball joint, which facilitates installation, adjustment and steering;
4.Double-pitch paddles, which decrease the compressed degree of material when being transported;
5.Standard parts and components, which make it is convenient for transportation;
6.High-quality reducer with heavy-duty design, large torque and low noise;
7.High-quality middle-hoisting bearing and tail bearing.

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1. Summary

KSJ type screw conveyor is my company combining the domestic and foreign various screw conveyor experience, design and research and development of products, the products can meet the requirement of mixing plant (floor) batching scale, the products are sold all over the country, equipped with various mixing machine, and exported to foreign countries.

2. application The product not only applies in construction machinery industry concrete mixing station conveying cement, lime, fly ash, can also be used in the industries of metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery, light industry, building materials, food, food storage, conveying loose powder or granule material, such as: coal, sintering ore powder, urea, compound fertilizer, dry sand, flour, corn.

3. Product structure features
1.KSJ type screw conveyor belongs to non basic formula , it is controlled by a speed
reducing motor device and casing ,spiral assembly arranged side, combined into a complete set of equipment, movement and installation is very convenient.
2 screw assembly and shaft end use of spline connection, convenient loading and disassembly, carrying capacity, good for neutral, safe and reliable.
3. Good sealing performance, shell production and production of seamless steel tubes, each end connecting through a flange machine without dust leakage, neither the waste material, in order to create a good working environment, in line with the requirements of environmental protection.
4 small sizes, high speed, variable pitch, ensure the fast even delivery.
5 feed inlet can be according to the work site situation made from the angle of inclination, and can use flange connection, bag connection and universal joints flange connection, users can choose according to need.
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Concrete screw conveyor introduction:

LSY series screw conveyor is a kind of equipment, which makes use of rotating helical blade continuously to push materials in a sealing circular cross section case and has compact structure, small cross section, light weight, good sealing performance, high conveying efficiency, flexible process arrangement, convenient assembly, disassembly and movement and safe operation.

It is acceptable for conveying various dusty, grainy, small lumpy bulk materials such as clay powder, coal dust, sand, grain, small coal, cobbles and cast iron shavings.

Concrete screw conveyor technology parameters:

Model LSY160                   
Length of screw conveyor 2.5m-6m
Rotatingspeed 100r/min
External diameters 160mm
Working angle <=20 degree
Capacity 35t/h
Motor model Y100L-4
Motor power 3-7.5kw


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