putty powder mixer/dry mortar mixer,putty mixer

putty powder mixer/dry mortar mixer,putty mixer

Introduction of Product:

Characteristics of horizontal dry powder mixer 
1. it maybe widely applied as it may mix the solid and solid (dry and dry)materials.
2.it has high degree of uniformity and may well mix the materials in a proportion of 1:1000, so such machine will be better when mixing materials with a great disparity in specific gravity.
3.it may be installed conveniently, discharge quickly, operate easily and occupy little area, and also it may have multi-functions by apply the design of lower opening according to the needs of users.
4.It may mix material gently and will not damage the initial state of the materials.
5.This equipment run stably and reliably and has fewer wearing parts, so it processes long service life and requires convenient maintenance and simple operation.

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Brief introduction of dry mortar mixer


dry mortar mixer, also known as putty powder mixers and putty powder mixing machine, it is Professional production equipment which can make coating material, gypsum powder,retarder, thickener and other raw materials mixed into putty powder. And, of course, also can mixing all kinds of dry material, putty powder, mortar, organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer. dry mortar mixer is my company's mature equipment, it improved greatly to avoid the U type mixer deadcore problem.


Dry mortar mixer structure:


1, dry mortar mixer has double-layer spiral with unique structure, smooth operation, reliable quality, low noise,long service life, convenient installation and maintenance, and a variety of agitator structure,a wide range of multifunctional mixing equipment.


2, fast mixing speed, high mixing uniformity, especially viscous material, spiral belt can be mounted scraper, more suitable for thick, pasty mixture.


3, in the mixing of different materials (special materials must be cleaned every time after mixing), using different spiral band structure, heating and drying of the jacketed type.

Features of dry mortar mixer:

dry mortar mixer as a new type of professional powder stirring mixing equipment, has in the market won the great praise, especially in equipment from vertical mixing to horizontal mixing principle improved, steady improvement in the production efficiency, make the equipment into the hands of more users. Currently on the market popular dry mortar mixer has the following characteristics.


1, fast mixing speed, using multi-layer screw mixing material, movement speed, high yield, the average mixing time in 5-10 minutes.


2, the use of a machine, but also can produce thermal insulation mortar, putty, gypsum, stone and so on.


3, low maintenance rate, bearing on the mixer at both ends, material is not easy to enter, speed reducer is equipped, maintenance rate is low.


4, high mixing uniformity, material multi-directional movement, multilayer spiral mixing, no dead angle, high uniformity, good quality.


5, covers an small area, automatic feeding device, improve work efficiency.


6, reasonable structure, stable operation, low noise, long service life and wide application range.


7, using spiral feeding, feeding port and ground, convenient feeding.


Parameters of dry mortar mixer

 ( Can be customized )








220v single phase  

Mixing time


Degree of mixing uniformity



3 kw

Rolling speed





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