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Screw/Ribbon mixer

Stainless steel ribbon blender machinery for chemical powder

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Stainless steel ribbon blender machinery for chemical powder
Ribbon Mixer is primarily designed for use with dry materials, although gas and liquid streams can also be added. A wide variety of configurations, for either batch or continuous mixing, are available with sizes ranging from 100-20000 liter working capacity. Application specific rotor mixing element design allows shorter batch cycle times due to increased mixing efficiency.We can customize the design of the Ribbon Mixer to meet your specific mixing requirements. Mixing vessels can be standard U-shape or cylindrical depending on internal pressure or vacuum requirements.


Working principle:
Ribbon mixer consists of transmission parts, double ribbon agitators and U-shape cylinder. In the direction of rotation, the outer ribbon pushes materials from both ends to the middle, while the inner ribbon pushes materials from the middle to both ends. Ribbon wind with different angle direction carries the materials flowing in different directions. Through continuous convective circulation, the materials are sheared and mixed thoroughly and quickly.


Technical paramenters :



The ribbon blender’s versatility for blending solids combined with it’s ability to perform heating, cooling, coating, and other processes make it a very popular mixer.

·        Baby food
·        Milk powder
·        Bakery premixes
·        Salt
·        Dried food products
·        Animal feed
·        Plastic resins
·        Plastic powders
·        Carbon black
·        Polyethylene
·        Polymer additives
·        Chemicals
·        PVC compounding
·        Cleaning compounds
·        Talcum powders
·        Laundry detergents





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