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Putty powder mixer

Automatic putty powder mixer,powder mixer machine,putty mixing machine

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Brief introduction :

Automatic putty powder mixer machine , base on the latest design concept in Europe, and adopts the advanced computer PLC auto-control system, whose production capacity can reach 30-100 thousands tons/year depends on the system configuration.
Automatic putty powder mixer machine consists of raw material storage silos,sand drying system ,bucket elevator ,sprial conveyor ,weighing system,motar mixer,end product hopper,bagging system ,de-dusting system ,computer control system,air compressor,steel structure ,and end products storage silos, ect.
By adding different chemical additives,automatic putty powder mixer machine has fine properties of bond ,thermal and acoustic insulation,crack-resistance ,workability , water-retention,wear-proof,anti-corrosion,etc.


Layout of automatic putty powder mixer:



Principle of automatic putty powder mixer machine:

1.Hoist hopper: it can be placed above the ground;dust control equipment cover placed next to, it is connected to the dust control equipment via an ordinary white plastic pipe;And the dust control equipment can be placed depending on your situation.

2.The screw conveyor for lifting the material; Motor 3kw.

3.Ribbon mixer motor: power 7.5kw.

4.The screw conveyor Spout correspond to Ribbon mixer Inlet (two feed ports, customers can select one of them according to the installation);The gap between the two ports is securely connected with a cloth bag, it is very convenient;Other interface are also the same.

5.Check from this little door when power is turned off.

6.The small volume ingredients like pigments and admixtures added from here,With a lid can be closed.

7.Packing machine: it fill bags by the rotation of the impeller.

8.Storage bins: the top is closed, there are two inlet, for your choose and install.



1.Consistent quality .

2.Controlled inventory .

3.Saving time and labor cost .

4.Energy saving and high efficiency.


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