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Filling machine

Lacquer filling machine,paint filling machine

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Lacquer filling machine,paint filling machine

Production description:

Lacquer filling machine is used to fill liquid, lubricant, paint, coating, bitumen, thinner, egine oil and so on. 

Liquid filling machine is composed of filling system, weighing system, frame, capping system, control system, non-power roller and pneumatic control system. 

2. Material Feeding mode: Continuous feeding (material fed by pump or hopper)

3. Feeding system provides material fast and slow filling through cylinder by solenoid valves. 

4. Filling mode: Normal or insertion (choose by customer)

5. Weighing System contains weighing bracket, sensors and weighing platform (connected with non-power roll, frame and filling system). 

6. Pneumatic control system controls fast and slow filling valves.


Technical parameter :


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