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Dry mortar mixer

10t/h dry mortar production line blending machine made in China

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Product Description : 
Descriptions of automatic dry mortar production line:

Automatic dry mortar production line is based on the latest design concept in Europe, this production adopts the advanced computer PLC auto-control system, whose production capacity can reach 30-100 thousand tons per year depend on the system configuration. The production line consists of storage system, metering and batching system, conveying system, mixing system, air compressor system , packaging system, and dedusting system, etc.


Working principle of atuomatic dry mortar production line:

According to requirements of the customers, the system can be equipped with 3-6 bulk storage bins, two large bins to put in the bulk cement and fly ash, the rest of the canister is used to put in light calcium, TSP, sand, small and other materials. the material in which will, after being processed by the metering and batching system, be conveyed to pending-for-mixing bin, and then fed into the high-efficiency biaxial agravic mixer for continuous mixing. The finished product in conformity with mixing accuracy requirements can be sent to the finished products bin shortly after mixed.

Moreover, there is design with automatic rationing and packaging machine at the bottom of finished products bin, allowing for synchronous auto-packaging operation. Featured with easy and convenient operation, high efficiency, it can both obviously reduce labor intensity and effectively reduce dust pollution.


Product Feature:
1. An accurate measurement and batching system

2. Efficient hybrid system

3. And finished products warehouse and the second hybrid system

4. Precise, environmentally friendly packaging systems and bulk technology


Product Specification / Models
Production line mode out put occupied area Equipment height Remark of batching and packaging

Simple mode 1-15t/h 20 m2 3-4 m


Manual batching

Automatic packaging

Energy-saving mode 8-10t/h 50 m2 5-8 m

Manual batching

Automatic packaging

Thermal insulation mode 10-15t/h 50-60 m2 5-8 m


Automatic batching

Automatic packaging

Semi-automatic of

serial mode 10-15t/h 50-60 m2 5-10 m

Automatic batching

Automatic packaging

Fully Automatic 10-30/h 50-60 m2 6-10 m

Automatic batching

Automatic packaging


Application :
Auotmatic dry powder mixing line can manufacture the following various mortars:

1) Masonry mortar

2) Thin and smooth wall mortar

3) Hand-plastering screeding mortar

4) Colored coating mortar

5) Water-proof mortar

6) Plaster powder

7) Wall plastering mortar

8) Ceramic tile adhesive mortar

9) Self-leveling mortar

10) Heat-preservation mortar.



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