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Dry mortar mixer

Heat preservation mortar mixer equipment,thermal mortar mixer machine

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Heat preservation mortar mixer equipment,thermal mortar mixer machine

Introduction :

The new roller type,heat preservation mortar mixer is a special mixing equipment for A class non-combustible and thermal insulation mortar for special materials, special requirements and meticulously made by Ruisheng Machinery Co., Ltd. The device uses centrifugal, drum mixer, a new, cycloid pin-type reducer-driven, equipped with special high-strength rubber roller drive, smooth rotation, the action soft. Cylinder body designed guide plate, can make the material, follow the cylinder gently rotating flip mixing, non-destructive vitrification of the original state of bead particles. unique design, positive and negative discharge mode, to ensure that equipment to achieve rapid discharge, and no residue. The biggest advantage of the device is that in the process of mixing the original shape of the glass beads of lightweight aggregate, not to be destroyed, so as to ensure the mortar in the practical application of good insulation effect.



Heat preservation mortar mixer, covers an area of small, easy to operate, high precision, no damage for the material, the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, suitable for vitrified beads, it is a new type of rotation mechanism, the overall by guide blade within the drum and the mixing blade copy mix material, material mixing a new vitrified microsphere mixing equipment.



1. The equipment has the advantages of high technological content, time saving, convenient operation, high homogeneity, no residue, good sealing, no vibration and small dust.

2. Mixing system: The mixer uses a roller mixer, large capacity mixing warehouse, mixing time is short, high yield, uniformity, no residue, no broken. Finished product bin (even feeder) the second mixing material evenness is maintained, while the material smoothly into the packaging system, the feeder with low-speed feeder, reduce the speed, improve efficiency and quality protection.

3. Lifting conveyor system: the project used to enhance the conveyor bucket elevator, can effectively protect the glazed beads of the dissolved weight standards, improve the speed of lifting.

4. Dust removal system: The complete set of equipment ,is completely sealed without dust leakage, the use of multi-point dust collector, so that the mouth and the mouth of the material to be collected dust collection, optimizing the work environment to ensure the health of stuff.


Production line structure :

Double sealed spiral cycle mixing, mixing time 5 - 8 minutes, 95% uniformity over the discharge time of 5 - 10 minutes. Machine weight: 800 - 900KG. Material: steel thickness: 3 - 4mm. Spindle speed: 1400 r / min.

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