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Conical mixer

Double-cone mixer,twin cone mixer machine,

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Double-cone mixer,twin cone mixer machine,


The Double Cone Blender is efficient and versatile equipment for homogeneous mixing of dry powder and granules. This blender achieves absolute homogeneity in the blending of a wide variety of free-flowing, dry materials. This is accomplished even with dry materials, which are dissimilar in particle size and shape, because the double cone design interfolds the material regardless of its flow properties.

Main application:

The double conical mixer consists of double cone, mechanical seal, frame, reduction drive, mixing blade, etc. The working process is: the materials to be mixed through vacuum or manual feeding, put into the double cone, The double-cone can rotate and rotate at the same time, so that the material in the cylinder is turbid and tumble mixed. The agitating blades rotate at high speed to smash the agglomerate material and make the material mix in the cylinder rapidly. . Double conical mixing machine work without dead ends, no deposition, mixed materials can quickly achieve uniform and consistent results.


Working principle:

Double Cone Mixer is a new type, high efficiency, fine container rotary and stirring mixing equipment. It is used for homogeneous mixing of various powdery and granular materials. It has high mixing degree. Good mixing; machine with mechanical seal, powder will not leak, bearing long life; machine mixing efficiency, high efficiency, low labor intensity, easy to operate. In the magnetic powder, ceramics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, feed and other industries.




Features :
For the proportion of different crushing or mixed with other additives.
The use of internal and external rotary mixing, high uniformity.
Mixing barrel can be any angle, easy to discharge and cleaning needs.
With automatic timing device, can be set to 0 ~ 60 minutes to automatically stop.
Using stainless steel butterfly valve discharge, no dust leakage and flying phenomenon.
The use of gravity diffusion principle of mixing, the pressure of the material is small, will not produce material shear crushing.
The cylinder is made of high-quality stainless steel, the inner and outer walls are polished, the process of mixing the material pollution-free, power consumption, easy to clean.
Simple, easy to clean, suitable for G.M.P food, pharmaceutical use.
The large capacity mixer can be equipped with vacuum feeding system to improve work efficiency and work environment. (To strengthen the mixing system, so that more uniform mixing of materials)




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