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Automatic packaging machine

rotary cement bay packing machine,packaging machine

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rotary cement bay packing machine,packaging machine

Rotary cement bag packing machine is a development of cement packaging equipment ,on the basis of technology packaging machinery in domestic and abroad, its technical index is more than or to the domestic industry level, and handle completely replace the imported equipment.According to many manufacturers using this machine for many years,we plan to refine and improve aspects of performance to make it more stable.It has the following characteristics:

1- Widely used, where a good powder flow properties, particle material can be packaged using the packaging machine.
2- The basic automation, filling, metering, lost bags and other actions are automatically consecutively. 
3- More cleaner and small environmental pollution, no pocket and no filling, the bag can not afford to re-value of less than a calibration bag, the bag was accidentally separated from gate once closed, to stop filling. 
4- Maintenance is simple, the vulnerability of small, non-hydraulic, pneumatic components




1. Novel design, unique construction and suitable application.

2.The machine is equipped with frequency conversion controller, 10 discharging spouts,side feeding hopper, automatic cement position inductive device, and automatic weighing system controlled by the micro-computer.

3. It also adds the SCM programmed device to control the shutter’s actions, and bag inserting and bag falling signal collection sensor.

4.The functions of bag clamping, cement feeding, shutter lifting up and down, and bag falling are allb able to complete automatically except manual bag inserting.

5.High capacity, accurate weighing, and durability.

6.Weighing precision: tolerance allowed per bag +0.4 -0.2kg Total weight of successive 20 bags:1000-1004kg

Widely used in cement, gypsum powder, talcum powder, lime powder, zinc oxide, aluminum oxide powder, titanium dioxide, dry mortar, dry plaster, extenders, calcium carbonate, sodium sulfate, kaolin, mica, barium sulfate, light quality calcium, silica powder, sand casting, bead Jane rock, silica, carbon black and other mineral powder packaging.



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