Powder paint horizontal non-gravity mixing machine

Powder paint horizontal non-gravity mixing machine

Introduction of Product:



Double shaft paddle mixer  is also called no gravity mixer,  it is widely applied in mixing powder, granule.It is widey used for food, chemical, pesticide, feeding stuff, and battery etc.It is a high precision mixing equipment and adapting to mixing,  this kind of machine evenly mix on materials with gravity, proportion, particle size different.

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General Introduction:

1. Double shaft paddle mixer is with two horizontal paddle shafts.
2. With the driven equipment, two cross paddle shafts move intersection and patho-occlusion.
3. Driven equipment makes paddle rotating fast, the rotating paddle generates centrifugal force during high speed rotation, spilling the material to the upper part in the barrel, then material falling down (the vertex of material is in a so-called instant non-gravity state).
4. Driven by the blades, the material is mixed back and forth. Also sheared and separated by the meshing space between the twin shafts, fast and evenly mixed.


1) Driven by the directly-connected decelerator, the chains drive the dual-axis rotor to move reversely at a certain speed and, during the movement, the paddle on the axis makes the material go ahead on the one hand, and throws it along with the radial direction to the oblique-front space. The materials on the two sides move in the reversed areas of their own to go to and fro to get direction and are mutually dissolved into the penetrated and mixed so that a fluidized weightless area and rotating vortex is formed in the central part and continually moves along with the axial and radial directions so as to form a full-respect combined cycle to quickly get the uniform mixing effect.
2) The double shaft paddle mixer is widely used in chemical, cosmetics, detergents, pesticides, dyes, food, brewing, feed, building materials, ceramics, coating, resins and other materials mixed.


1. The mixing chamber is “W” horizontal shell shape, Double shafts and many paddles. The spraying system (spray nozzle & fittings)which is on top of mixer can meet light and heavy bulk density materials mixing, improve the liquid atomizing and prevent from agglomerating;
2. Specially designed discharger has big door-opening angle and quick discharging with little residue. Good tightness and no products leakage;
3. High mixing speed and high homogeneity. It makes materials mixed and is not influenced for bulk density, filling degree in state of loss weight;
4. It is widely used for mixing of powdered, granular, flaky, blocky, irregular and sticky materials in the industries of feed, cereal, food, chemicals, medicines, pesticides, etc.





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