Powder paint horizontal non-gravity mixing machine

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1. best mixing homogenity
2. shortest mixing time
3. high mixing efficiency
4. double drive unit
5. total volume: 0.3-30cbm
6. batch working capacity: 0.1-15cbm
7. batch output: 0.1-20tons
8. mixing time: 2-10mins
9. driven- power:3kw-150kw
10. material: 316L, 321, 304, mild steel
Powder paint horizontal non-gravity mixing machine is a horizontal mixer with twin spirals. Blades on shafts are reversed installation to mix materials from axial/radial/ circumferential directions within a short time. With 1-3 minutes for mixing time, 1:1000 of uniformity > 96% and high efficiency,  It is widely used for paint industry, etc, solid-solid/solid-thick liquid mixing, special for viscous material.
a. Quick and thorough mixture, no segregation.
b. No dead corners, no material deposit, no overheating, no squeezing and wear
c. 1:1000 mixing for solid-solid, deviation < 6%
d. Manual discharging, pneumatic discharging, quick and good sealability
e. High loading coefficient, small floor space, easy to uses, maintain and clean
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