Plough/ colter/coulter Mixer,horizontal plough mixer

Plough/ colter/coulter Mixer,horizontal plough mixer

Introduction of Product:

Fast mixing speed and high mixing uniformity;
Special design discharging structure, large door-  open angle, swift discharging and little residue;
Special design sealing system of discharging door, good sealing and no
Set multichannel liquid adding system to meet needs that the users add more kinds of liquid.

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The Coulter mixer is widely used to mix powder, granule and small liquid additives in food, chemical and construction line.It keeps material onflow. Because of high speed and shapes of plough agitator,centrifgal vortex action,material in plough mixer makes three-dimension movement and is mixer together.


  • Powerful cutting function
  • High speed chopper
  • High mixing effect
  • It can chopper while mixing

Doors/Opening on Mixer

  • Standard flange conection
  • Quick-opening feeding inlet
  • Exhaust port
  • Cleaning doors

Discharge control

  • Manual self-lock
  • Pneumatic driven
  • Electric drive 

Mateial standard

  • carbon steel
  • contact part SS 304
  • All mixing tank SS 304
  • Contact part SS 316
  • All mixing tank SS 316
  • Special material
  • Anti-corrosion material cladded
  • Abrasion proof material painted
  • Functional material coated

This machine is composed of container, screw stirring paddles and transitional parts; The screw paddle are generally made into 1 layer or 3 layers, the outer screw converge is the material to the center from two sides, and the inner layer of screw conveys the material to the two sides from the center, so as to from convection mixing. 


Type (m 3) Each Mixing (kg) Spindle Motor (kw) Fly cutter Motor (kw) Weight (kg)
LDH-0.1 40-60 3 1.1/2 500
LDH-0.25 100-150 4 1.5/2 850
LDH-0.5 200-300 5.5 1.5/2 1100
LDH-1 400-600 7.5 3/3 1500
LDH-2 800-1200 11 3/3 2200
LDH-3 1200-1800 15 4/4 2800
LDH-4 1600-2400 18.5 4/4 3500

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