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1. Horizontal tube body, dual screw between inner & outer the special structure, running stably, high quality, low noise, long work life, easy installation, multiple functions. 
2. With guard net and lip
3. Made of stainless steel. 
4. For different mixing requirements, use different screw structure, rapidly & thoroughly mixing. 
5. With a split window in the body for cleaning
Working principle: 
With the actuation of the directly linkdecelerator, the rotor moves in a fixed direction and, during Its movement, the horizontal ribbon mixer pushed the material to move along with the axis and, on The other hand, throw the material to the front upper of the helicalribbon. The helical ribbon on theoutside layer makes the material alwaysmoving towards the center of the barrel while the one on The inside layer makesthe material moving towards two ends from the center, thus two cycled Ways offlowing are formed with the material, making it fullmixed in the repeatedflowing circulation. 
Granular Horizontal Ribbon Blender/Powder Mixer manufacture stirs dry materials,powder,for the purpose of uniform mixing.when stirring,
the material does complex movement by two opposite direction of the rotor movement,biaxial blade makes materials rotate along the machine drive slot wall in clockwise and anticlockwise directions,near the axis,the material do the axis of rotation,axial pushes from inside to both sides,the outside spiral does axis of the rotation with the material close to the side,axial pushes from both side to inside,so that cause convection circulation.shear mixing,materials can complete rapid mixed in a relatively short time.
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