Operation instruction for double ribbon dry powder mixer used for sale

Operation instruction for double ribbon dry powder mixer used for sale

Introduction of Product:


1. Horizontal tube body, dual screw between inner & outer the special structure, running stably, high quality, low noise, long work life, easy installation, multiple functions.
2. With guard net and lip
3. Made of stainless steel.
4. For different mixing requirements, use different screw structure, rapidly & thoroughly mixing.
5. With a split window in the body for cleaning

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Descriptions of wall putty powder mixing equipment :

wall putty powder mixing equipment is developed based on the U-type horizontal spiral ribbon mixer which has been distributed to a lot of cities by us, after times of improvement. Since it is designed with three -layer successive spiral ribbons, it may have three layers of material flows; therefore, during the convention process, the materials maybe mixed rapidly and evenly in such a manner of penetrating through each other and accomplishing displacement.

Characteristics of wall putty powder mixing equipment :
1,wall putty powder mixing equipment is widely applied as it can mix the solid and solid (powder and granule)materials, solid and liquid materials(powder and liquid), liquid and liquid materials. For mixing dry mortar, it mainly mix cement, sand, flyash, additives etc.
2,it has high degree of uniformity and may well mix the materials in a proportion of 1:1000, so such machine will be better when mixing materials with a great disparity in specific gravity.
3, it can be installed conveniently, discharge quickly, operate easily and occupy little area, and also it have multi-functions by apply the design of lower opening according to the requirements of users.
4, It can mix material gently and will not damage the initial state of the materials.
5,This equipment run stably and reliably and has fewer wearing parts, so it processes long service life and requires convenient maintenance and simple operation.
6,Sealing system has good tightness, ensuring no products leakage.
7,Durable structure, stable performance, long service time and less spare parts. 
8,Material of the mixer: Carbon steel, and aslo we can make it stainless steel as requirement.
This wall putty powder mixing equipment can also equip with automatic packing machine according to customer's requirements. And we can also supply big capacity dry mortar production line with capacity from 3-30T/H.

Working Principle:

A, The horizontal axes make the materials move up and down.
B, The outer ribbon gathering the material from sides to center and the inner ribbon pushing the material from center to sides
C, Every screw makes the materials do axial and radial movement, the materials do relative cyclical movement so to gain the intensive mixings ends.

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