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Ribbon Blenders for specialty applications

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Ribbon Blenders 
Ruizhi Vice President of Corporate Operations Ruizhi announced the successful completion of the largest Ross manufacturing facility to date. Ruizhi Equipment, the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary in China, officially moved into its new 250,000-sq.ft. home on December 31, 2016, according to General Manager George Lu. A formal inauguration is scheduled for March 25, 2017.
Ruizhi manufactures the world’s largest Planetary Mixers for pharmaceutical processing, High Speed Dispersers for the coatings industry, Multi-Shaft Mixers for adhesives production, and many other specialty mixing equipment for chemicals and various applications. Established in 1999, it has steadily captured the market share within China and neighboring Asian countries. In the last decade, the local battery industry powered mixer sales to even greater heights. Despite several plant expansions, the exponential growth soon meant that Ruizhi needed more space. Construction of the new plant began in early 2016 while the company rented a nearby building to efficiently handle the continuing surge in orders. Today, Ruizhi has triple the manufacturing space it previously had and a workforce of 350 employees.

Belt Drive vs. Direct Drive
Ribbon blenders have traditionally incorporated a belt drive for power transmission between the motor and gear reducer. Such a drive system includes flexible belts and a set of pulleys to help produce the desired speed and torque ranges. Some manufacturers standardize on chain drives instead of belts.
More modern ribbon blenders, on the other hand, utilize a gearmotor that is essentially a one-piece motor reducer. The motor’s low-inertia rotor is specifically matched to the characteristics of the gear unit. This results in a high dynamic capability essential for high start/stop cycles such as mixing operations. Ribbon blenders directly driven by a gearmotor are generally recommended over belt- or chain-driven designs because they require less maintenance and perform better overall. Gearmotors work extremely well with electronic inverters that provide variable speed, overload protection, and adjustable starting torques (soft start). Issues like belt slippage and stretching, excessive overhung load, and noise made by chain drives are all eliminated in a direct drive ribbon blender.
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