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How Does a Ribbon Blender Work?

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When ingredients are similar in size, shape, or density, mixing is straightforward and fast. A 1-cu-ft batch usually takes just two to three minutes to complete, while cycle time for an 18-cu-ft batch would normally be 8 to 10 minutes. At 100 cu ft, a 20- to 25-minute blend time is quite typical.
The ribbon blender can also “coat” solid particles with a minor component that is either a very fine powder or a liquid. In fact, its use extends to general purpose slurry or paste mixing, preparing solid-liquid suspensions, as well as vacuum drying. Examples of wet applications include cake batter, guacamole, soups, sauces, pet food, pharmaceutical granulations, joint compounds, and plaster slurries.

Standard Duty vs. Heavy-Duty?
Before approaching vendors to request pricing, make sure to verify your product’s actual bulk density as accurately as possible. While batch sizes are always spelled out in weight, blender models are assigned volume capacities. The desired batch volume (not batch weight) thus defines the size of the blender. Bulk density also determines horsepower and if a standard or heavy-duty model is required. Most standard blenders can typically handle bulk densities of about 35 lb/cu ft. Heavier-duty Ribbon Blenders are available for denser products.

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