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Which mixing powder is used in dry powder horizontal plough shear mixer?

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Structure features of horizontal plough shear mixer
The horizontal plough shear mixer is mainly composed of transmission part,  horizontal tube, Jane coulter group axis, fly knife set, the discharge valve,  spray device  and other department  to see live.
stainless steel dry powder horizontal plough shear mixer
1. Intro.
Stainless steel dry powder horizontal plough shear mixer is circular type, each plough blade shaft with one shaft. Plowshare or bevel-cutter is installed on mixer shaft to avoided dead corner when material start to work, such as radial and length wise direction. Material keep turbulent flow way. It is widely used for dry power, particle,  low viscosity, paste, power, chemical industry, fine chemistry, fertilizer, pesticide, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, mine, building materials, ceramics, fireproofing, adhesive etc, solid-liquid, solid-thick liquid material mixing. It can be continuous work. Drum type chamber, with fly cutters inside. Material can be mixed equality in short time by fly cutters rotate along with high speed.
2. Features
a. Wide application and multi-function mixture
b. Short mixture time, good cutting effect
c. No materials blocking or clotting
d. Fly cutter to improve mixing efficiency
3. Functions
a. Manual discharging, pneumatic discharging, electric discharging for option.
b CJ-HX/knife-edge/butterfly types valve for option
c. With jacket to heating and use heat insulation for external according to process requirement
d. The wetted parts is carbon steel, SUS304 or SUS316 for option
e. Custom-made service is available as details requirement

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