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Application Areas and Key Functions
Multistage lime hydrator is widely used in lime producing line for lime plants, sticky material cleaning device for ironworks, desulfurization equipment, calcium treating machine in sewage treatment, high quality hydrated lime producing line.
Through our twostage or threestage dry power hydrator, burnt lime will be hydrated into a fluffy powder because of the hierarchical & reasonable water distribution and multi-channel process of this hydrator.
Our advantages and principles of three-stage dry power hydrator as below:
1.It will control the reaction time and fully hydrate the CaO by only 8-15 minutes to realize complete hydration.
2. Hydrator has good heat-insulating property. 
The unique design makes a lot of heat generated in the reaction of CaO to be converted inside and reused. It will raise the inner temperature to make the CaO to be fully hydrated. 
3.Feeding process control: It is use screw feeder to Send materials into reaction cabin.
Advantages: There are lots of hot steam and dust when CaO contact with water. This feeding way will prevent them flowing back to the screw feeding counter, so that will not affect the accuracy of sensor.
4. technical water distribution
We adopt technical water distribution, the best distributing proportion and time to contribute to fully hydrating.
5. Remove dust to keep clean and healthy
This device, according to environmental requirements, equipped with our patent dust remove device, will solve the problem of the steam and dust pollution produced during hydrating ,so that ensure the clean of work site and the dustiness at the vent of dust collector be less than 30 mg/m3 ,which do a great help to keep healthy of workers.
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