New design fashionable pellet ton bag packing machine with lower cost

New design fashionable pellet ton bag packing machine with lower cost

Introduction of Product:

1.Automatic: PLC control, bag clamping, bag blowing, feeding, metering, filling, air discharge, gad dropping, pallet distribution and conveying are automatic, the worker only needs to hang empty bags and knot the bag feed opening.
2.High output: granular material adopts the discharge through flow by gravity controlled by the pneumatic valve, while the powdery material adopts the horizontal screw feed, both of them are of double-station multistage feed with good combination of coarse and fine discharge, thus well solving the discharge control of high flow material.
3.High Accuracy: innovative and practical weighing and load transmission structure with drop height self correction, overshoot detection and suppression functions.
4.Easy and simple operation: Unique design of bay hanging and bay clamping mechanism makes the bag clamp and hook releasing mechanism automatically opened upon completion of package, thus can realized quick bag loading and unloading.
5.High efficiency: double pallet shifting, automatic pallet conveying and bag discharging, the package of next bag is not affected after packing of one bag is finished.
6.Good package environment: the powdery material packaging is provided with dust collecting system.

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Main Structure:
1. Automatic filling system                   
2.Automatic weighing balance
3. Ton-bag clipper                               
4. Automatic rolling conveyor
5. Electric control cabinet   
Breif introduction of ton bag packing machine 
The equipment is used in material packing of  granular / pellet materials for food,grain,feed,fertilizer,chemical, building material and energy industry. 
It is the collection of electronic weighing, automatic take off bag, and dust removal.
It's a high degree of automation, high precision in packaging, packaging speed can be adjusted.
Features of fashionable pellet ton bag packing machine:
1: Packaging stepless speed regulation, stable performance, high precision and fast speed in packing
2: Programmable electronic control system
3: Dust removal of advanced design, reduce the dust pollution 
4: Weighing system is electronic scale, platform scale type measurement using comprehensive digital adjustment and parameter setting, have weight accumulative total display and automatic peeling, automatic zero self-adjustment, automatic divide fixed, and other functions, high sensitivity, strong anti-jamming capability.
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