Large U type industrail natural stone paint mixing machine really stone paint lacquer mixer blender for sale/competitive price lacquer mixer

Large U type industrail natural stone paint mixing machine really stone paint lacquer mixer blender for sale/competitive price lacquer mixer

Introduction of Product:

Feature of paint mixing equipment:
Really stone paint mixing machine, Coating Lacquer Putty Mixer:
paint mixing equipment, is mainly used to mixing really stone paint coating. Such as really stone paint, paint, putty paste, paste body high wet materials etc.
Really stone lacquer, Building wall painting lacquer, is a kind thick qualitative architectural coatings. It is made of synthetic resin emulsion, different gradations colored sand particles and some additives.So,its production process is different from other mortar coating. Really stone paint, no need high speed stirring or grinding processes, it just need material mixing process. So ordinary paint production equipment is not suitable for the really stone paint mixing. Really stone paint mixer is designed to really stone paint mixing and production.

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Applicable scope of materials:
Stone-like paint,texture paint,medicines,foodstuff,chemicals,plastics,feed,agrochemicals,battery,
insulating materials,fertilizer,building materials,metallurgy etc.
1. Small footprint, low overall equipment, facilitate feeding;
2. motor power small, more energy-efficient, easy to operate,
3. Stir evenly, high speed, well sealed, and no vibration;
4.High discharge speed, rotating body design, less residue;
5. Machine mirror polished, easy to clean;
6. Equipped with multiple limit switches, high safety.
Ultraviolet rays resistance, excellent weather resistance, stain resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent construction and decorative property.Ingredients: environmental protection acrylic resin, natural granite powder,
additives and water.
Supporting products: the external wall environmental putty, closed primer, covered with varnish.Theoretical dosage: 2.5-3.0 kg / square meter (1.5-2.5mm dry film thickness)
Storage: 25kg/barrel, keep it in cool and dry place and away from fire, it can be stored 36 months if sealed at room temperature.
Drying time: Surface 2 hours, practical drying 48 hours (25 ℃, 50% relative humidity). Application:particularly suitable for residence, villas, hotels, office buildings and other building wall decoration.
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