Large capacity flexible cement powder coulter mixing machine man

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Powder Mixer(Horizontal Plough Type): 
Material:Q235, SS304 or SS316L 
With high-speed Cutter/Coutler to break lump materials
1. Intro
Powder Mixer(Horizontal Plough Type) is a brand-new mixer. It is characterized in high efficiency, high degree of homogeneity, high crashing, low energy consumption, low pollution.
2. Application
a. It is suitable for mixing a wide range of materials such as powder-powder, power-liquid, powder-granule, especially for thick-viscous materials or colloidal granule materials.
b. It is widely used in industries such as pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry, pottery, refractories and sand paste etc..
3. Main Features
a.It consists of four parts: Transmission part, Agitator, Round Container, High-speed cutter. 
b.Two kinds of Transmission parts: Direct Connection type ( It can be installed as required to solve space problem.),  (Chain driving and Belt driving). The high-speed rotation coulter of the agitator disperse the materials from the axial direction, it also makes simple circle movement along the container. c.The round Container can be with door for easy cleaning. The exterior side can be with jacket for cooling or heating. 
Technical data:
1. Total Volume: 2000 Liter
2. Filling Level : 0.4-0.6
Material: All parts stainless steel except transmission parts
4. Discharging valve : pneumatic Flap valve 
5. Seal : Air purged seal for main shaft , and chopper seal
6. Motor and reducer: motor brand :22kw ,motor siemens made in China , reducer brand: R series Huaxing
7. Three chopper : 1450 rpm ; 3chopper* 4kw
8. the main shaft speed :80 rpm
9. the thickness of barrel: 8mm , two wall thickness : 12mm
10. 12 moths guarantee period under correct use
The description of horizontal plough shear mixer
1.The high efficient horizontal plough shear mixer is a novel and efficient mixing equipment.
2.The horizontal plough shear mixer is widely used in chemical,  pharmaceutical, pesticides,  veterinary  drugs, feedstuff      and feed additives,dyes, pigments, petroleum, metallurgy, mining,  construction,  plastics industries        and wet granulation, drying  and  other  composite technology. 
3.The horizontal plough shear mixer is a kind of wide applicability, a  wide range of  multifunctional mixing  equipment,especially suitable for viscous  or a mixture of colloidal additives. 
4.Has been widely used in many industry abroad, the domestic application is also growing.
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