Internal structure features of stainless steel spiral ribbon blender

Internal structure features of stainless steel spiral ribbon blender

Introduction of Product:

1.Big coefficient of loading
2.small occupied area
3.It is difficult to clean when it is used to mix viscous or adhesive material.
4. adopt the screw conveyor to outtake the material, delivery speed is fast.
5. the way to connect material is flexible, Valve pocket and open 
pockets all can use.

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New features offered on Ruizhi Ribbon Blenders
New features are being offered on Ruizhi Ribbon Blenders for manufacturers requiring extra precision and efficiency. Ribbon Blenders are used for rapid blending of dry powders, granules, pellets and other solid forms. These machines also mix paste-like materials and solid-liquid suspensions. Materials are blended by a horizontal agitator consisting of inner and outer helical ribbons within a U-shaped trough. The ribbons are precisely pitched to move materials in a well-balanced axial and radial flow pattern
Working principle: 
With the actuation of the directly linkdecelerator, the rotor moves in a fixed direction and, during Its movement, the horizontal ribbon mixer pushed the material to move along with the axis and, on The other hand, throw the material to the front upper of the helicalribbon. The helical ribbon on theoutside layer makes the material alwaysmoving towards the center of the barrel while the one on The inside layer makesthe material moving towards two ends from the center, thus two cycled Ways offlowing are formed with the material, making it fullmixed in the repeatedflowing circulation. 
Ribbon Blender is generally used in the mixing of viscous or adhesive powder material, or the mixing of powder which needs to add liquid, and paste material. Meanwhile, because it is difficult to clean viscous material, the machine is suitable for the mixing case, where the output is large and there is no need of displacing material variety frequently.
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