hydrated lime production machine

hydrated lime production machine

Introduction of Product:

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The hydrated lime production machine is made up of vertical preheater, rotary kiln and vertical cooler. The raw materials get into the preheater cell from the top silo by feeding chute. At the same time, the raw material is heated to 800째C by the heat air get in from rotary kiln, so that the limestone is decomposed or partial decomposed. Then, these limestones are pushed into rotary kiln, calcinated into quick lime and delivered into cooler. The fan blow in cool air to cooling the hot quick lime to the centigrade that above 60째C than environmental temperature and. The cool quick lime clinker is delivered out of the cooler. While, the air got into the cooler, is getting into the rotary kiln helping to combust as secondary air. The burner is tube in tube structure and fixed on the head hood of the rotary kiln. The heated air get into kiln by center tube and the fuel get into kiln by casting tube. The air and fuel is mixed and burned well. Our company independently developed multi-function with multi-channel burner, which could take multi fuels and the ratio of these fuels could be adjusted.

Working principle:


According to the place of vertical preheater in rotary kiln system and negative pressure working principle of Preheater, heat emission is heat convective and the material and air is convection movement. When the raw material is feeding into the preheater, to prevent cold air into the preheater under the negative pressure condition, the inlet of raw materials must be sealed effectively. This is to ensure the effective use of heat and material preheating effect. The standard of preheating quality in the preheater, is the temperature at the bottom of feeding room of preheater. Kiln temperature is: detected by thermocouple in the side wall of feeding room, including the flame radiation and air temperature. It reflects not only the firing temperature when feed into kiln, but also the degree of feedback the final warm-up temperature of the material. For the Preheater, truly reflects the effective temperature of the material is at the outlet temperature of the preheater top. Temperature control on this point is more important than the end of the rotary kiln. In preheater, materials after preheated and pre-decomposed, are pushed out from preheater to rotary kiln by hydraulic plunger device.


According to the characteristics of limestone, our company create a unique limestone equipment, it can maximize the use of raw materials,and create a high quality lime, achieve the energy-saving effect.


Application Areas and Key Functions:


Hydrated lime production machine is widely used in lime producing line for lime plants, sticky material cleaning device for ironworks, calcium treating machine in sewage treatment, high quality hydrated lime producing line.

Through our two stage or three stage dry power hydration, burnt lime will be hydrated into a fluffy powder because of the hierarchical & reasonable water distribution and multi channel process of this hydration.


Our advantages and principles of hydrated lime production machine as below:


1.It will control the reaction time and fully hydrate the CaO by only 8-15 minutes to realize complete hydration.

2. Hydrator has good heat-insulating property. 

The unique design makes a lot of heat generated in the reaction of CaO to be converted inside and reused. It will raise the inner temperature to make the CaO to be fully hydrated. 

3.Feeding process control: It is use screw feeder to Send materials into reaction cabin.

Advantages: There are lots of hot steam and dust when CaO contact with water. This feeding way will prevent them flowing back to the screw feeding counter, so that will not affect the accuracy of sensor.

4. technical water distribution

We adopt technical water distribution, the best distributing proportion and time to contribute to fully hydrating.


5. Remove dust to keep clean and healthy


Quality Warranty & Service Promise:


Quality Warranty: 

One-year warranty period shall be provided to any client who buys our products and related accessories. The following promises are valid within the warranty period which is calculated from time or date when the client or consumer takes delivery of machine, opens case, inspects machine and receives with signature. We promise to guarantee free replacement within one month, and guarantee free repair within one year. 


Service Promise:



1) We shall make prompt response to any problem about the machine within 24 hours if you have.
2) We shall provide 6-day 8-hour services for all our clients and subscribers, and shall provide trouble-shooting solutions until the fault is completely eliminated.
3) If the machine is found any fault or problem, please do not hesitate to notify us the details about faults, caused reasons and status.






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