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Hydrated Lime Plant – A Complete Solution for Lime Handling and Processing

We are the largest and most experienced service provider of complete range of Hydrated Lime Plant. Our system is used for storage, dosing, and mixing lime products for various industrial applications.

Since our inception, we have developed a huge range of equipment to improve plant productivity and efficiency. With our years of experience in the field, we tend to cover all forms of lime processing such as quicklime, hydrated lime, etc.

Among different lime plants technology, we always cater for Hydrated Lime Plantas customer demands a lot for this system. We offer lime plants along with lime processing plant and machinery, which incorporate the latest and advanced technology ensuring theefficient and optimal result.

Hence, we become one of the prominent lime plan manufacturers in the country. Alongside, we can build lime plants according to the customer requirements. Customers can use our plants for various applications such as.

  • Steel plants
  • Cement manufacturing
  • Soil stabilizations
  • Cleaners
  • Chemical industry
  • Petroleum
  • Glass industry
  • Plastics
  • Biodiesel production

Benefits of Using our Lime Plants:

As the leading manufacturer in the industry, we offer a plethora of lime processing plants to our clients.  Our professionals provide exceptional solutions for all machinery needed for setting up the lime processing plants. Below-mentioned is some of the solutions offered by us.

A single system for storing and dosing:

The customer can access overall system, which consists of silo filing lines, discharge, and metering equipment to dose quicklime powder accurately directly into any process. Thus, you can save your time and effort towards work completion.

Quicklime Addition and Slaking:

Silo is one of the most common ways to store hydrated lime and dose it to the tank. In the tank, it is mixed with enough amount of water to produce MOL (milk of lime) solution. We added ball mill slakers along with advanced technology to the basic silo system in order to grind the quicklime with water to deliver MOL solution for using any process.

There is no Pollution Issue:

Due to the usage of advanced technology, the lime system comprises of features that ensure the steam does not cause any issue with caking as well as set up within the circuit. To eliminate the hazard of airborne lime dust, reducing moisture content, and enhancing safety, completely closed system used into the circuit.

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