How Valve type dry mortar packaging machine is made

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A leading and professional end-of-line packaging machine manufacturer since 1997 in Anhui China. Anhui Mingguang Rui Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd., mainly design and make case sealing machine, case erecting machine and shrink wrapping machine.
We have the strong technical strength , advanced production facilities and excellent personnel. We also have the experienced exporting sales team, offering the 24hours on line service, who can response the customer’s requirements and phone calls in the first time.
Ruizhi focus on paying attention on the non-standard machine manufacturing and we input large amount of costing on engineering to improve the machine quality ,new design, and non-standard machine every year. Therefore we have collected a lot of cases about the special design of machines for different customers. We established QC team for assuring the high quality of machines, for which most of our products are CE certificate and can stand test of time.
What’s more important, we have been doing and installing customized, affordable packaging solutions for many industries all the time. What we hope to achieve is to help the customer to increase production of their industries, upgrade packaging appeals, reduce material wastes and increase overall profits.





Weighing Scope

5~50kg, adjustable on panel.


Discharge Port Qty.

1 pic



10-15 t/h per unit


Motor Power



Measuring accuracy



Bag weight qualified rate



Weighing device



Air Requirements

0.4-0.8MPa ( dry compressed air)


Application Environment

Operating temperature



Storage temperature



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