Hot!!! professional burnt Quick lime hydrator production line for high pure hydrated lime

Hot!!! professional burnt Quick lime hydrator production line for high pure hydrated lime

Introduction of Product:

1) Automatic: it doesn't need many labors to operate the machines, and after the quick lime block enter the production line, just need one worker to look after the packing machine.
2) It has the advanced water and temperature controlling system, so it is very easy to inspect the working condition;
3) It has a powder classifier, so it can separate the fine powder easily to meet many different requirements, from 140mesh to 500 mesh. 
4) Low investment, and small location, this production can make perfect hydrated lime with very low cost, and it doesn't needs special workshop. 
5) It can make pure hydrated lime, very white. This production has a professional imputes separation device, no matter the burning ratio or brunt ratio, it can separate the imputes and output pure hydrated lime.
6). Compared with the old three-stage hydrator machine, it can output better and pure powder, and the worklife is longer

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1. High quality and capacity;
2. High auto control;
3. Environment friendly;
4. Low power consumption;
5. Reasonable and experienced onsite service;
6. Long life cycle of wear parts.  
Detailed Process:
Unslaked lime is transported by screw conveyor from hopper into first-grade lime slaker, after stirred slowly (non-abrasion) by stirring rods, unslaked lime is primarily slaked(note: according to capacity, divided into single, double and three axis), then gets into second-grade lime slaker(note: according to capacity, divided into single, double and three axis).
Slaked lime has chemical decomposition and has been decomposed into Ca(OH)2 (CaO+H2O=Ca(OH)2), then transported into classifier(mesh can be adjusted). After getting qualified slaked lime and removing impurity. Qualified slaked slime is transported into bucket elevator, then discharged into finished product hopper.
According to customer need, it can packed into tank truck or bags. The pollution of whole project is solved by pulse jet dust collector, collecting efficiency is 99.5%, which accords with environmental protection and noise criteria.
The final products produced by our equipment: hydrated lime powder-Ca(OH)2 content >95%; size 200-600mesh; 
The complete equipment is divided into 9 systems:
1.Crushing system: hammer crusher.
2.Conveying system: bucket elevator and belt conveyor. 
3.Slaking system: qualified CaO is put into the first slaking device to be primarily slaked, then it proceeds to the second or third slaking device to be further and totally slaked or resolved, and then, qualified primary CaO products come into being and the slaking rate is 98%. 
4.Residue discharging system: in the first level discharging process, residue with +0.5cm size in the semi-finished products are being discharged; in the second level discharging process, sand and coal dust with -0.5cm size are being discharged. 
5.Dust collecting system: this system collects the dust produced in the production, and the dust collecting rate meets the national standard (20mg/m3), therefore, secondary pollution can be avoided.
6.Powder collecting system: powder is collected by closed circulating air.
7.Electric control system: PLC control system and CRT screen display; the PLC system performs the data processing, parameter setting, direct digital display, automatic alarm function and etc. World-class electric elements are used to ensure the operation safety and control system stability of the whole production line.
8.Packing system: non-weighing packing is included.
9.Proportioning system: digital display; water and lime proportion is adjusted manually.
insoluble <0.2%; MgO <1%.
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