Horizontal screw mixer,ribbon mixer machinery

Horizontal screw mixer,ribbon mixer machinery

Introduction of Product:

1.High-quality steel pipe with good integral rigidity;
2.Once-forming spiral double pitch paddles, which will never block the material;
3.Universal ball joint, which facilitates installation, adjustment and steering;
4.Double-pitch paddles, which decrease the compressed degree of material when being transported;
5.Standard parts and components, which make it is convenient for transportation;
6.High-quality reducer with heavy-duty design, large torque and low noise;
7.High-quality middle-hoisting bearing and tail bearing.

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Horizontal ribbon mixer by a U-shaped, a ribbon agitator blades and transmission components; spiral ribbon blades are generally made of double or triple the outer spiral pooled material from both sides to the central inner helix the material transport from the center to the sides, forming a convective mixing. Ribbon mixer for mixing the liquid and pasty material mix and particulates sticky or cohesive powder materials added with good effect, the cylinder cover can be made fully open the door in order to clean the equipment replacement product.

Working principal:

Inner and outer diameter WLDH series horizontal ribbon mixer mounted on the agitator shaft by a screw inside the drum drive material in the agitator inside the drum the maximum turning range of materials. Agitator structure, designed to spiral inside and outside, reverse spiral around each other, when the agitator within the helical axis drive near the axis of rotation of the material to do, axially from the inside to push both sides of the outer spiral drive near the tank wall material to do axis of rotation, an axial driven by both sides to the inside, creating a body of material in the barrel convection loop, cut seepage mixed, the finished material in a relatively short period of rapid and uniform mixing.


 A, using the advantages of standard products drive pulley driven by cycloid reducer drive, with respect to the elastic gear reducer torque, belt drive has an advantage in connection overload protection of the drive components.

B, flexible removable ribbon spindle in the cylinder body and the drive shaft flange connection, in need of repair or replacement agitator shaft type can be quickly removed. Flexible design allows disassembly U-shaped ends of the plate cylinder and fully welded to avoid material build cylinder flange connection gap generated, to reduce the residual.

C, Breakaway Breakaway ribbon ribbon with respect to the continuous ribbon, greater shear motion of the material produced, and allows the material to form more vortices in the flow, speed up the mixing speed and improve the mix degree.

D, the material in the form of the material is generally in the form of a pneumatic (manual) flap valve, close the valve embedded arc tube, and the tube wall flush, no dead material accumulation and mixing phenomena, reliable edge of the seal, ensuring frequent the switch is no leakage.

E, can increase heating cooling jacket in the cylinder mixer, the jacket through the injection of hot and cold media material to achieve cooling or heating; cooling is generally pumped into the industrial water, can pass into the heating steam or electric heating oil.

F, ultra-fine powder mixed spindle seal, shaft seal forms an airtight set to increase, effective deadening external air circulation powder barrel.

The use and miantenance:

? Equipment operation when there shall be no more than 5mm of hard foreign body into the machine, otherwise excluded should be shut down. If it is found in the operation of metal crashing, friction, abnormal sound, should be down to check excluded.

?For solid - liquid mixture should be run after spraying liquid, spray liquid after completion, continue to operate mixing for 3 to 5 minutes.

? A material mixing time is generally about 5 to 8 minutes. Special material mixing time required to determine the user tests.

?Mixed material particle size is 20 to 1400 mesh; spray volume according to the adsorption properties of the material and the user's production process requirements

?Use should be regularly reducer and bearing lubricant replacement. Reducer lubrication no grades according to specification requirements reducer. Spindle bearings with lithium complex grease.

?Shaft seal packing seal. Oil asbestos sealing material is generally, if the use of a small amount of leakage should be found to tighten infill cover bolts.

Technical paramener:

Application :


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