Horizontal plough mixer, Coulter Mixer/ colter blender,ploughshare mixer machine

Horizontal plough mixer, Coulter Mixer/ colter blender,ploughshare mixer machine

Introduction of Product:

Main Features
a.It consists of four parts: Transmission part, Agitator, Round Container, High-speed cutter.
b.Two kinds of Transmission parts: Direct Connection type ( It can be installed as required to solve spaceproblem.),  (Chain driving and Belt driving). The high-speed rotation coulter of the agitator disperse thematerials from the axial direction, it also makes simple circle movement along the container.
c.The round Container can be with door for easy cleaning. The exterior side can be with jacket for cooling or heating.

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Product Description

 Coulter Mixer is one kind efficient powder mixing machine. It is widely used in chemical, paint, pharmaceutical, food, animal feed, fuel, metallurgy, mining and other sectors of solid - solid, solid-liquid mixing, as well as humidification granulation, drying, concentration and other complex processes. 

The machine consists of the transmission part, horizontal cylinder, coulter group shaft, fly cutter group, outlet valve, and spray device. 
The transmission part includs the cycloidal pinwheel reducer and the coupling. It plays parts in transferring the motor's movement into the needed speed and torque and passing to the shaft. 
Technical Parameters
Type (m 3) Each Mixing (kg) Spindle Motor (kw) Fly cutter Motor (kw) Weight (kg)
LDH-0.1 40-60 3 1.1/2 500
LDH-0.25 100-150 4 1.5/2 850
LDH-0.5 200-300 5.5 1.5/2 1100
LDH-1 400-600 7.5 3/3 1500
LDH-2 800-1200 11 3/3 2200
LDH-3 1200-1800 15 4/4 2800
LDH-4 1600-2400 18.5 4/4 3500

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