High quality sand weighing and bag packing machine /Automatic Valve Mouth Filling Machine for sale

High quality sand weighing and bag packing machine /Automatic Valve Mouth Filling Machine for sale

Introduction of Product:

1. SUS 304 materials, durable and easy to clean.
2. PLC touch sreen control system,high accuracy and easy to operate.
3. Servo motor drives screw auger, work stable with high accuracy.
4. Semi-auto type. Digital display, easy to operate.
5. Weighing sensor and PLC control system.
6. No dust or powder will come out when filling. 
7. Related machines available( mixing machine, feeding machine,sealing machine etc.).

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Features of double mouth packing machine
Automatic valve bag powder packing machine/dry motar packing machine,/Valve bag packing machine 
1, the automatic control of microcomputer, intelligent recognition, high sensitivity, stable performance and strong anti-jamming capability, weighing accuracy;
2.New design, unlimited reduce wearing parts; Both reduces the maintenance cost, and improve the production efficiency
3.Automatic compression bags, filling, loosen, closed and off bags, and other functions, stable performance, simple operation, to adapt to the valve pocket, workers only sidekicks action)
4.Fuselage all sealed and equipped with dust removal, reasonable structure, durable, truly environment-friendly production
5.Widely used for gypsum powder, talcum powder, ash calcium powder, calcium oxide, calcium carbonate, coarse whiting powder, bentonite, kaolin, dry powder mortar, fly ash, coal powder, lime powder, powder, putty powder, cement materials such as automatic metering packaging.
6.the packaging machine single joint of 4-6 mouth packing machine  




Weighing Scope

5~50kg, adjustable on panel.


Discharge Port Qty.

1 pic



10-15 t/h per unit


Motor Power



Measuring accuracy



Bag weight qualified rate



Weighing device



Air Requirements

0.4-0.8MPa ( dry compressed air)


Application Environment

Operating temperature



Storage temperature



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