High capacity 3-8T/H Easy operation Automatic premixed dry mortar mixer production line used for wall and floor tile adhesive

High capacity 3-8T/H Easy operation Automatic premixed dry mortar mixer production line used for wall and floor tile adhesive

Introduction of Product:

Characteristics of dry mortar plant mix dry mortar production line:
1. adopt the screw conveyor to outtake the material, delivery speed is fast.
2. the way to connect material is flexible, Valve pocket and open pockets all can use.
3. save the purchase cost of users.
4. small investment,quick effect, apply to an individual or a small factory.

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Descriptions of dry mortar mixing production line:
High efficiency dry mortar mixing production line is based on the latest design concept in Europe, this production line adopts the advanced computer PLC auto-control system, whose production capacity can reach 30-100 thousand tons per year depend on the system configuration.
1.  Receiving raw material system: Feeding pit and pulse dust collector.
2.  Vertical transport system: Bucket elevator.
3.  Batching system: batching hopper and electric hoist for adding supplement.
4.  Mixing system: Feed mixer is used for the mixing of feed ingredients.
5.  Packing system: Packing scale
Dry mortar mixer is a common mixer products, mainly by the hoisting machine, premixed warehouses, small silos, mixers, finished products warehouse, packaging machines, dust, cabinet, gas balancing system. Dry mortar mixer Scope:
Adhesive mortar: such as tile adhesive, sealant, insulation composite system-specific adhesive mortar;
Plastering mortar: such as interior and exterior rendering plaster, putty, colored decorative mortar, thermal insulation mortar;
Mortar: If ordinary masonry mortar, concrete block special thin bed mortar, insulation mortar and other masonry;
Floor mortar: If ordinary floor mortar, self-leveling mortar;
Special mortar: such as repair mortar, waterproof mortar, hardening powder and the like.
Mixer mixing process is a diffusion, convection and shear mixing action, which will affect the quality of mixing, first mixer different species, in different ways, mixing intensity difference is large. Mixed now have vertical, horizontal, cone, dual-axis paddle, etc., the mixing process is different, the stirrer speed is not the same, each model has its best spindle speed, mixed speed is not necessarily the optimum mixing speed mixer, each is suited to their rated speed, CV guarantee under conditions of high speed mixing speed. This facilitates full mixer production potential.
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