Full Automatic Plaster tower type Dry Mix Mortar Production Line with automatic packing  machine

Full Automatic Plaster tower type Dry Mix Mortar Production Line with automatic packing machine

Introduction of Product:

mixers need to be customized according to the different cases, the cases are as below:
1. Agglomerated material larger than 5mm is contained in the raw material
2. Bulk density of the raw material bigger than 3kg/l
3. Materials that are easy to get damp and not allowed to be exposed to the atmosphere, the mixer need to be vacuumized or 
negative pressure
4. Fill compressed air to the mixer barrel, and keep the pressure
5. Material with a large friction coefficient, mixer need to do a special Wear-resistant surface treatment
6. Material is not allowed to contact with the metal surface during mixing process 
7. Mixer need to be heated up to 200 Celsius degree
8. Heavy duty (loading material into mixer before turning on it) is required.

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Production line feature
mixed storehouse With special pneumatic valves, can effectively prevent drawslope and dust  pollution, reliable work, high performance;Host is connected with the biaxial leaf weightless paddle mixer, low energy consumption, high efficiency mixing, adopt international advanced double door discharging, no leakage material,discharge quickly, no residue;Dust mouth is equipped with high efficient dust removal equipment, reduce the pollution to the environment, improve working conditions for the workers.output 15000 tons - 20000 tons/ year
The working principle of China manufacturer dry mortar mixing production line 
Driven by a relative rotation of the spindle blade rotation, the material into the space level according to certain Angle, the particle flow layer to instant weightlessness in space, the centrifugal force and gravity offset (weightlessness 
material density difference influence on the mixing uniformity without), mixed with each other in the region, in the middle level form a fluidized floating zone, the spindle rotating vortices around. 
Flow layer to form a material at the bottom of the pan, material at the bottom along the axis, axial movement.Material in the radial force and axial force and is driven by double shows three dimensional compound movement, thus forming all-round composite circulation, mixing quickly to achieve.
Inside the mixer, mixing finished by pneumatic quick open the door, quickly into the finished product to buffer, storage bin.Finished product bin and connection through the soft packing machine into the packaging machine measurement, packaging.Production big users in particular, can add a belt conveyor in the packaging machine at the back of the process, directly to the finished product to the finished product area or truck.
Advantage of dry mortar production line
The equipment is simple and convenient. Easy to learn. A one-way feeding promotion, 
no basis for a fixed, low noise and dust can be equipped with TD, both the loss of 
material recycling of dust, but also clean work environment. 
Medium-sized building materials enterprises choose the best type of 
dry mortar mixing equipment. (Hopper can be customized to underground feed)
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