Dry powder mortar production line

Dry powder mortar production line

Introduction of Product:

1. best mixing homogenity
2. shortest mixing time
3. high mixing efficiency
4. double drive unit
5. total volume: 0.3-30cbm
6. batch working capacity: 0.1-15cbm
7. batch output: 0.1-20tons
8. mixing time: 2-10mins
9. driven- power:3kw-150kw
10. material: 316L, 321, 304, mild steel


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Dry mortar equipment used horizontal spiral structure, so that the material upper and lower churn, interlaced motion, so as to achieve the purpose of quickly and evenly mixed materials. Dry mortar equipment has a simple structure, easy to use, small footprint, light weight, low noise, easy saving, loading and unloading, durable, easy maintenance and so on. Easy to remove the remaining material is conducive to a machine (such as: multi-colored putty powder production).


Dry mortar equipment is mainly used for a variety of particle size less than 2mm mixed dry powder, such as mixed feed, food, chemicals, building materials (such as putty powder, wall plaster, insulation mortar dry) and other dry materials. It is not suitable for the particle size is too large, or wet, or flammable, corrosive or mixed materials. For the particle size is too large, or wet, or flammable, corrosive or mixed materials, the company has other specialized mixing equipment to complete.

Product features:

1.good dispersion: Install the willow-shaped ribbon in the mixer, completely solve the segregation and secondary aggregate fiber material due to the different specific gravity caused
And other issues, and stir cycle is short, no dead ends.

2. simple operation: The device can be installed without foundation, has a small footprint, simple operation, low energy consumption, high yield advantage.

3. Cost-effective: The device has a clear price advantage, small investment, quick, to avoid excessive investment in equipment caused by the waste,
It is currently the most economical and practical for small and medium dry mortar production equipment.
4.long life: the device vulnerable parts of the wide use of high-strength wear-resistant steel (high manganese steel) processing, and has a long service life.

Can be customized according to the requirements

Technical parameter




Output Volume(m3/batch)


Mixing Cycle time per batch


Motor Power (kw)


Rotate speed(r/min)


Mixer Cylinder diameter (mm)


Mixer Cylinder Length(m)


Mixer Cylinder Volume (m3)





Mixer Overall Size(m)



Weight (kg)


Floor area needed (m2)



2.Machine Advantage:
1) the machine adopts the unique hybrid structure, can effectively disperse various short-fiber and wood fiber, solves the problem of large equipment problem too.

2)the machine has covers an area of small, less investment, quick effect, high efficiency, the advantages of simple operation, three people can operation, 2-4 tons per hour.

3)this machine is fully sealed production, no dust.

4) computer measurement automatic packaging.

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