Double Shaft Paddle Mixer

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In general, the mixing speed of Double Shaft Paddle Mixeris 0.5 to 2.5 minutes. Mixing consistency, high coefficient of variety CV under five percent; Specific gravity, molecule estimate, shape, thecontrast in physical properties of materials, difficult to deliver isolation amid mixing. Extensive scope of fluid included, signify twenty percent; Filling with huge scope of variable number: 0.4 to 0.8; Tonnage little power utilization, less than sixty percent customary level lace mixer, Widely appropriateness, can utilize all stainless steel, carbon steel, stainless steel as indicated by client needs, particularly reasonable for high exactness material mixed generation

Appealing Favorable Circumstances:

  • Non-clean workshop
  • Siemens engine, Imported NSK bearing
  • National patent
  • Wide application
  • Stable operation and low clamor
  • Sensible cost and on-time conveyance

Various Features of Double Shaft Paddle Mixer:

  • The splashing framework of which is over mixer can meet light and overwhelming mass thickness materials mixing, enhance the fluid atomizing and keep from agglomerating;
  • Exceptionally outlined discharger has enormous entryway opening point and snappy releasing with little deposit. Great snugness and no items spillage;
  • It is broadly utilized for mixing of powdered, granular, flaky, blocky, sporadic and sticky materials in the ventures of thebolster, oat, sustenance, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and so forth.
  • High mixing velocity and high homogeneity. It makes materials mixed and isn't impacted by mass thickness, filling degree in condition of misfortune weight;
  • Double Shaft Paddle Mixer takes the paddle structure. The crude materials can get thinner in a flash at the basic explanatory turn speed with the goal that the best mixing impact can be accomplished to vast the degree. This machine is generally connected in the types of gear of unitized large-scale manufacturing lines.

Use of Double Shaft Paddle Mixer:

Double Shaft Paddle Mixerconnected to a wide range of dry mixing mortar, putty powder material generation, and additionally mixing the materials with various weights in a bigger extent, with fly-cutter sets, totally tackling the issues of the dry mortar uneven scattering fiber and lignin.

Working standards:

In the flat twin U molded holder, there are two inverse revolution tomahawks. Furthermore, certain quantities of paddle stirrers are set up on each hatchet at acertain point. While mixing, the level tomahawks influence the material move all over. Revolution at resistance heading of the double tomahawks influences materials to trade from left to right. Paddle stirrers push material at edge 45 to move circularly in the barrel, and the materials can achieve great mixing impact under the development of amazed unsettling sharp edges.

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