2 cubic screw mixers/ horizonal ribbon mixer,screw mixer machine

2 cubic screw mixers/ horizonal ribbon mixer,screw mixer machine

Introduction of Product:


1. Horizontal tube body, dual screw between inner & outer the special structure, running stably, high quality, low noise, long work life, easy installation, multiple functions.
2. With guard net and lip
3. Made of stainless steel.
4. For different mixing requirements, use different screw structure, rapidly & thoroughly mixing.
5. With a split window in the body for cleaning

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WLDH horizontal screw mixer is used in pesticides, veterinary medicine, food, chemicals, biotechnology, aquaculture, ceramics, refractory material, plastic, composite fertilizer solid -solid (i.e. powder and powder) solid -slurry (i.e., the mixed powder and glue liquid), is especially suitable for viscous material mixing.

Performance features:

WLDH horizontal screw mixer is not affected by the size and density of the particles in the feasibility factor.

It also has a good mixing effect on the viscous material.
The stable mixing process reduce the damage of brittle material, the installation structure is also broken knife.

The horizontal structure is lower than body height, easy to install.
The rotating spiral strip installed on the same horizontal axis, forming a low power efficient hybrid environment.

Working Principle:

1. WLDH horizontal screw mixer by the installation in the stirring shaft of the inner and outer diameter of the screw drives the barrel body material; make the blender in the barrel body has a maximum range of turning materials.

Mixer structure, the design of the spiral is inside and outside, left and right mutually for the anti spiral, spiral agitator drive near the axis of the materials and axis of rotation, axial from the inside to the sides of the drive, external screw drive near the barrel wall materials and axis of rotation, axial by both sides to promote, thus causing the material in the circulation of the convection in the barrel body, shear mixing, complete material in a relatively short period of time quickly and evenly mixed.

Horizontal Ribbon Mixer Advantages:

1. Continental ribbon mixer driving advantages of standard products using direct drive gear reducer, torque, high reliability, low noise. Large equipment used gear reducer Gapi belt transmission, transmission components can be protected in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

2. Continental ribbon mixer with flexible removable screw spindle connected to the drive shaft flange, in need of repair or replacement agitator shaft type can be quickly removed. Flexible design allows disassembly U-shaped ends of the plate cylinder and fully welded, avoiding large flange connection barrel product material produced by the gap, reducing residues.
3. Continental pocket type mixer barrel lid relative to other types of mixer, horizontal ribbon mixer barrel lid is more flexible, it can be made fully open, half-open, fully enclosed, full clean-up requirements adapted to high the case with gas spring support, convenience and safety.


The Use And Maintenance of Screw Mixer:

? Ribbon mixer should be required direction of rotation of the spindle can not be reversed.
? The ribbon mixer operation can not be greater than 5mm of hard foreign body into the machine, otherwise excluded should be shut down. If it is found in the operation of metal crashing, friction, abnormal sound, should be down to check excluded.
? For solid - liquid mixture should be run after spraying liquid, spray liquid after completion, continue to operate mixing for 3 to 5 minutes.

? A material mixing time is generally about 5 to 8 minutes. Special material mixing time required to determine the user tests.

? Mixed material particle size is 20 to 1400 mesh; spray volume according to the adsorption properties of the material and the user's production process requirements.

? Use should be regularly reducer and bearing lubricant replacement. Reducer lubrication no grades according to specification requirements reducer. Spindle bearings with lithium complex grease.

? Shaft seal packing seal. Oil asbestos sealing material is generally, if the use of a small amount of leakage should be found to tighten infill cover bolts.


Which payment term can we accept ?
1 Normally we can work on T/T term or L/C.
2 On T/T term , 30% down payment is required in advance,and 70% balance shall be settled before shipment.
3 On L/C term,a 100% irrevocable L/C without soft clauses can be accepted. Please seek the advice from the individual sales manager whom you work with .

Which incoterms 2010 terms can we work?
Ruisheng company is a professional and sophisticated international supplier,can handle all Incoterms 2010 terms,and we normally work on EXW, FOB ,CIF

Delivery time
Normally,our delivery time is 45 days after we rececive the deposit. If the order is big ,we need to extend  the delivery time. 

What logistics ways we can work for shipment?
We can ship construction machinery by various transportation tools .
normally, we will go by sea ,to mian continents ,for light spare parts in urgent demand ,we can ship it by international courier service.such as DHL,TNT,UPS or FedEx.

warranty time
we ensure one year warranty, life-long service and provides technical support free of charge within or after warranty.within the warranty period, we provide repaire service for free. after the warranty period , we only charge cost of the required material.

Technical Parameters:



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