2 cubic Powder Weightless Mixer/No Gravity Mixer

2 cubic Powder Weightless Mixer/No Gravity Mixer

Introduction of Product:

Fast mixing speed and high mixing uniformity;
Special design discharging structure, large door-  open angle, swift discharging and little residue;
Special design sealing system of discharging door, good sealing and no
Set multichannel liquid adding system to meet needs that the users add more kinds of liquid.

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                                         Zero/No Gravity Mixer

A: Characteristics: 
1. best mixing homogenity
2. shortest mixing time
3. high mixing efficiency
4. double drive unit
5. total volume: 0.3-30cbm
6. batch working capacity: 0.1-15cbm
7. batch output: 0.1-20tons
8. mixing time: 2-10mins
9. driven- power:3kw-150kw
10. material: 316L, 321, 304, mild steel



B: mixers need to be customized according to the different cases, the cases are as below:
1. Agglomerated material larger than 5mm is contained in the raw material
2. Bulk density of the raw material bigger than 3kg/l
3. Materials that are easy to get damp and not allowed to be exposed to the atmosphere, the mixer need to be vacuumized or negative pressure
4. Fill compressed air to the mixer barrel, and keep the pressure
5. Material with a large friction coefficient, mixer need to do a special Wear-resistant surface treatment
6. Material is not allowed to contact with the metal surface during mixing process 
7. Mixer need to be heated up to 200 Celsius degree
8. Heavy duty (loading material into mixer before turning on it) is required.

C: Unapplicable conditions:
Double screw conical mixer is applied to a certain range of material and process. In the following cases it is not applied: material with no flowability, like paste and solid oil; material with a formula of 1:1000 or lower than that; material can become solid and harden in a short time; material without a stable chemical property, like explosive.

D: Flexible material selection
carbon steel, manganese steel, ss304, 316L and 321

E: Reliable driven unit
The driven unit, power and speed are varied according to different raw material, starting method, and processing.
Because of the meshing relationship for the inner paddles of the double shaft paddle mixer, the double shaft driven unit is required to be equipped with synchronous ability. The four driven combination launched by Shengli Co. that can meet different requirements are the combination of two synchronous gear box, double output gear box, double synchronous planetary gear box, and the combination of reducer and chain.
The combination of Sk-series double synchronous gear box is the best configuration for double shaft paddle mixer

F: Excellent discharging unit:
Standard valve for double shaft paddle mixer is twin pneumatic planar flap valves. When close the valve, the planar flaps match the mixing barrel perfectly, this makes no mixing dead zone and better mixing effect.

G. High efficiency mixing unit:
According to the properties of raw materials, the paddle can be adjusted and designed accordingly, for example adding wear-proof plate, Teflon plate, and saw-toothed paddle.
Double shaft paddle mixer can be also added high speed breaking bar inside the barrel, scattering material following its flow.



technical parameters:



- Chemical Industry
Detergents, Color pigments, Fertilizers, Explosives, Boric acid, Carbon, Fly ash, Fungicides, Soda ash

- Building Industry
Dry mortar, Blended cements, Tile adhesives/grouting, Brick facings, Cement & Fibers, Flooring materials, Joint compounds, Road lining materials

- Environmental Applications
Fly ash conditioning, Filter dust treatment, Sewage sludge, Food waste

- Feed Industry
Animal feed, Mineral premixes, Aqua / fish feed, Pet food, Dairy additives

- Food Industry
Instant drinks/soups, Infant milk powder, Flour/bread/bakery mixes, Frozen vegetables, Treatment of spices

- Pharmaceutical Industry
Vitamin mixes, Medical mixes


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Anhui Ruisheng Machinery Company is a machinery manufacturer, quality products, affordable prices, superb technology, scientific management and professional spirit, is committed to provide you with a more reasonable package solution. Equipment involved in building materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other industries. Ordinary, stainless steel powder, liquid, paste and other equipment; Main products: glass beads blenders, thermal insulation equipment, insulation mortar production line, insulation mortar mixers, blenders lacquer, glass beads one-component mixer , dry mortar mixer, dry mortar mixer, screw conveyors, packaging machines and other professional equipment more than 20 varieties of production and development.

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