Active lime production project/lime rotary kiln/hydrated lime plant

Active lime production project/lime rotary kiln/hydrated lime plant

Introduction of Product:

The calcination principle of composite firing shaft kiln is: mix the solid fuel (coke or anthracite) with qualified stone evenly, use rotary discharging device equipped on kiln roof to discharge the mixture into the kiln, then under its own gravity the mixture proceeds through preheating area, calcining area, cooling area, and finally calcined into qualified finished lime product. In calcining area, the heat produced by the coke and anthracite of the preheated mixture and the kiln bottom blasted secondary air which has been used to preheat the cold lime has made the temperature to reach up to 950 ~ 1200 °C, thus to complete lime calcination. Due to the add of auxiliary combustion-supporting duct, the temperature at each point is uniform, which ensures the even temperature of the kiln body.Lime kiln is a Thermal Equipment which is used for heating materials, like cement, copper Metallurgy, ferrous metallurgy, refractory material, chemical materials, paper making etc.

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Main technical of lime plant/lime production line

The successful industry application of environment-friendly, energy-saving active lime stone with vertical preheated. Due to reduction of fuel consumption significantly and reducing exhaust emissions, coupled with the adoption of pulse-packs dust-catcher purify exhaust, not only makes production cost and the energy consumption greatly reduced, but also the calcinations process of emission standard, environmental condition is kept substantially.

Main advantage of lime plant/lime production line

1. Good quality and high output, suitable for large-scale activity of lime production line and large-scale production.

2. Stable production, all the production with the negative pressure, air flow and higher security.

3. Simple structure, easy control and beneficial operation and maintenance.

4. Fine grade limestone can be calcined, full use of mine resources.

5. Low heat consumption per unit of product, installation in vertical kiln perheater which can take advantage of exhaust warm limestone, greatly reducing the fuel consumption.

6. Making full use of industrial waste gas as a fuel for lime burning (such as blast furnace exhaust gas, acetylene tail gas, charcoal blue exhaust, etc)

7. Kiln head adopts the design of vertical cooler integrating kiln head cover. The construction area is small, good sealing, effectively avoiding hot waste gas emissions unsystematically.

Product Description

Usage of lime in the lime plant/lime production line

Lime plant also can be named as lime production line, active lime processing, etc.

Lime in lime plant can be divided into ordinary lime and active lime according to the nature. The degree of activity is generally less than 200ml, which is mainly used for building and repairing roads. Active lime has a high degree with the value of 300-420ml as well as with advantage of high porosity, high reaction, and low consumption in process, controllable process, widely applied to the steel smelting, calcium carbide, chemical industry, desulfurization and etc.

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