2017 High efficient hot sale Automatic open mouth bagging packing machine for powder or mortar in construction made in China

2017 High efficient hot sale Automatic open mouth bagging packing machine for powder or mortar in construction made in China

Introduction of Product:

1. Novel design, unique construction and suitable application.
2.The machine is equipped with frequency conversion controller, 8 discharging spouts, central feeding hopper, automatic cement position inductive device, and automatic weighing system controlled by the micro-computer.
3. It also adds the SCM programmed device to control the shutter’s actions, and bag inserting and bag falling signal collection sensor.
4.The functions of bag clamping, cement feeding, shutter lifting up and down, and bag falling are all able to complete automatically except manual bag inserting.
5.High capacity, accurate weighing, and durability
6.Weighing precision: tolerance allowed per bag +0.4 -0.2kg Total weight of successive 20 bags:1000-1004kg

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Technical specification of granular Material Quantitative Packing Machine:
Range of packaging: 15 to 60 kg/bag
Packaging speed: 3-6 bags/min (be) according to the material
Total power: 0.92 KW
Belt conveyor: 2200 * 400 * 2500 mm
Accuracy: + / - 0.2%
Air pressure: 0.4-0.6 MPa
Equipment weight: 600 kg
Description of granular Material Quantitative Packing Machine
type particle material quantitative packaging scale, is our company's latest development of a new generation of intelligent packaging scale. This machine mainly is composed of four parts: automatic weighing device, transmission device, bag sewing device, and computer control system. With reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, smooth operation, saving energy save electricity, easy to operate, weighing the accurate measurement, etc.
Features of granular Material Quantitative Packing Machine:
The machine adopts self-flow of material, large, medium and small three pneumatic cylinder control measurement, anti-interference, and realizes automatic error compensation and correction.
Application of granular Material Quantitative Packing Scale:
Corn, wheat, soybean, peanut, compound fertilizer industry such as particle materials automatic quantitative packaging.
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